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Etiquette Dinner

On Monday, November 15th, 2010, the John L. Grove College of Business hosted its annual fall Social/Etiquette Dinner with the help of the Financial Management Association and the American Marketing  Association. This event was sponsored by Northwestern Mutual Financial Network with the support of Mr. Lee Fortenberry. The dinner was hosted by Lynne Breil and her husband, John Breil. It started off with an introduction from Dean Kooti and Mr. Fortenberry. Everyone mingled and learned how to socialize at a reception until it was time for dinner.  

The Etiquette Dinner is set in place to help students, staff, and faculty learn how to properly dine in a job interview or at a professional event. Lynne teaches us where everything should go, how to eat properly, and what to do at the end of the dinner to help the waiters know that you are done eating. We started off the meal eating French onion soup and salad. Next, Lynne showed how to properly eat chicken parmesan and spaghetti without making a mess. We then learned about international dining from John, who taught us all how to pick up and eat M&M’s with chopsticks. The dinner was finished off with chocolate mousse.  

This special event is a very good thing that the COB does to help its young professionals learn how to properly eat and what things to do in a job interview setting. It is also useful to help the faculty and staff keep up to date with manners and how to eat at professional events. Lynne and John did a very good job of showing everyone the proper etiquette and manners for eating in these settings. Everyone learned a lot and had a great time learning how to do this. This is something that all students should do at least once and it will help them in life and in the professional world and put our business students a “step above the rest.” 

By Andrew Moyer, President of the Financial Management Association 

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