Dr. Joanne Tucker
Supply Chain Management

Joanne Tucker

Grove Hall 125
Phone: (717) 477-1173
E-mail: jmtuck@ship.edu
Office Hours and Teaching Schedule 

Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management 

Academic Background

Ph.D.   University of North Texas, Decision Sciences (Operations Management minor)  

Courses Taught (2008-2013) 

MBA 577 Supply Chain Management
SCM 315 Strategic Purchasing
SCM 330 Operations and Supply Chain Management
SCM 200 Statistical Applications in Business

Refereed Articles  (2008-2013) 

( 2013)  “Pirates, Mercenaries, Scouts and Saints: A Segmentation Approach to Understanding Digital Downloading.”  International Journal of Electronic Consumer Relationship Management, co-authors Massad, V. J.; Risch, B.   

(2013)  “Project Management Certification and Experience: The Impact on the Triple Constraint.” Journal for Advances in Information Technology. co-author Catanio, J.; Armstrong, G. R. 

(2013)  “The Effects of Project Management Certification on the Triple Constraint.”  International Journal of Information Technology Project Management. co-author Cantanio, J.; Armstrong, G. R. 

(2012)  “Comparing Exporters with Domestic Retailers on eBay: An Eclectic Paradigm Approach.”  International Journal of Information and Communication Technology Research.  co-author Massad, V. J.; Yi, G. J. 

(2011)  “The Acceptance of Electronic Journals by Business Faculty: An Adoption/Diffusion Approach.”  AABRI Journal of Behavior Studies in Business. co-author Massad, V. J. 

(2011)  “Wheel of e-Tailing?”  AABRI Journal of Management and Marketing Research. co-author Massad, V. J.; Nein, M. B. 

(2009)   “Achieving Learning Objectives with Student-Created Podcasts.”  Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education. co-author Armstrong, G. R.; Massad, V. J. 

(2009) “Interviewing the Experts - Student Produced Podcast.”  Journal of Information Technology Education.  co-author Armstrong, G. R.; Massad, V. J. 

(2009)  “Profiling a Mind Map User: A Descriptive Appraisal.” Journal of Instructional Pedagogies. co-author Armstrong, G. R.; Massad, V. J. 

(2008).  “Introducing International Issues: Facility Location.  Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education. co-author Armstrong, G. R. 

(2008).  “Using Student Managed Businesses to Integrate the Business Curriculum.” Journal of Instructional Pedagogies. co-author Massad, V. J. 

Service: (2008-2013) 

Department Assignments 

2008–2013:  Supply Chain Management Advisory Council Member
2011-2012:  Marketing Faculty Search Committee
2012-2013:  SCM FacultySearch Committee
2010-2012:  Search Committee for Support Technician, Computer Technologies Center 

College Assignments 

2011-2013:  AOL Coordinator: BSBA and MBA programs.
2008-2013:  CoB Company of the Year Award – (Past Winners: Volvo CE, Giant Food Stores, The Hershey Company)
2008-2013:  ABD Journal, Editor-in-Chief, (www.ship.edu/abdjournal)
2008-2013:  MBA Committee
2008-2013:  Assurance of Learning Committee
2012-2013:  Professional Development Task Force
2012-2013:  Healthcare Management Course Task Force
2011-2012:  CoB Student Recruitment/Marketing Task Force Team
2011-2013:  Volvo Relationship Management Task Force
2010-2011:  Search Committee for BIP/MBA Marketing Director
2008-2009:  Graduate Grade Appeals Committee 

University Assignments 

2013-2014:  Academic Master Plan (AMP)
2011-2012:  Assistant Dean of School of Graduate Studies: Co-Chair
2010-2013:  Graduate Program Review Committee
2010-2013:  Graduate Assistant Subcommittee
2010-2013:  Graduate Council
2009-2010:  Learning Management System Committee 

Honors-Awards-Grants  (2008-2013)


2013:  Gerald Piper Dean's Award College of Business.
2012:  Christopher E. Pruitt Service Award John L Grove College of Business.
2011:  Gloria Diodata Dean's Award John L Grove College of Business.
2008:  Edward F. Ehret, Jr. Research Award John L. Grove College of Business.
2008:  Christopher E. Pruitt Summer Fellowship Award John L. Grove College of Business.
2008:  Decision Sciences Institute’s Instructional Innovation Award Finalist.