COEHS Highlights, Important Dates, and Announcements:


2014-15 Fulbright Scholar

Congratulations Dr. Kurt Kraus!

Dr. Kurt Kraus, Professor and Chair in the Department of Counseling and College Student Personnel at Shippensburg University, has been awarded a 2014-15 Fulbright U.S. Scholar grant to the Kingdom of Bhutan.

While in Bhutan, Dr. Kraus will support the development of counseling to serve the complex mental health and public health needs of the Kingdom of Bhutan . He will teach at the Royal University of Bhutan and consult with the Royal Ministries of Education and Health.

New Program Approved!

Special Education and Early Childhood Education BSED:  Dual Certification Program has been approved for the Fall 2014 semester!  


Students may check the course listings in the myShip portal for the most up-to-date listing of available courses. 

UG FALL Scheduling dates:           

Schedule Adjustment:  August 1 - September 1 (ADD) and September 2 (DROP)

G FALL Scheduling dates:   

March 24 – Aug 30 (Drop)/Aug 31 (Add)


July 28 - Make-up day for New Student Orientation.

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College of Education and Human Services
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Dean's Office (SPH 352) 
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Specific Department Contact Information 

Chair:  Dr. Kurt Kraus 
Secretary:  Janice Allen 
Office:  SPH 123 
Phone:  477-1668 
Fax:  477-4056 


Chair:  Dr. Melissa Ricketts 
Secretary:  Bonnie Heming 
Office:  SPH 321 
Phone:  477-1558 
Fax:  477-4087 


Chair:  Dr. Christopher Schwilk 
Secretary:  Cindy Poe 
Office:  SPH 127 
Phone:  477-1591 
Fax:  477-4036 


Chair:  Dr. Russell Robinson 
Secretary:  Colleen McQueeney 
Office:  HG 109 
Phone:  477-1721 
Fax:  477-4083 
Chair:  Matthew Sober
Secretary:   Byron Stouffer 
Office:  WRI 206 
Phone:  477-1782 
Fax:  477-1783 


Chair:  Dr. Deborah Jacobs 
Secretary:  Joyce Walters 
Office:  SPH 382 
Phone:  477-1717 
Fax:  477-4051 


Chair:  Dr. Christine Royce
Secretary:  Brandy Linn or Rebecca Fulton
Office:  SPH 214 
Phone:  477-1688 
Fax:  477-4046 
E-mail: or