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Ezra Lehman Memorial Library
Shippensburg University
1871 Old Main
Shippensburg, PA 17257-2200
Reference: 717-477-1474
Circulation: 717-477-1465
Fax:      717-477-1389
AIM:     ShipLibrary

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shiptoshoreintroShip to Shore

Ship to Shore is organized in four modules, with several sub-topics under each. It is entirely self-paced. You can take Ship to Shore all at once or break it up into sections. Each module and sub-section does build on the previous ones, so it is highly recommended that you take them in order.

Ship to Shore includes four learning modules. You advance through the modules simply by clicking the tutorial screens. When you complete the four modules, you will need to login to the Ship to Shore class in your Blackboard list of courses to take a review test. Please check with your WIFYS professor to find out her or his specific requirements for Ship to Shore.

Viewing Tip: If you are having trouble seeing the whole image at one time on the screen, try clicking the F11 key on your keyboard - this will bring the images to full screen. Clicking F11 again will return the screen to normal.

If you have any questions concerning Ship to Shore, please contact Kirk Moll, Instruction Librarian.