Psychology Club

The Psychology Club organizes social events, charity events, fundraising activities, group trips, movies, panel discussions, and presentation by speakers as well as regular meetings during the fall and spring semester.  Although many members of Psi Chi are also members of Psychology Club, they are separate organizations. Psychology Club members do not pay dues, do not have to be Psychology Majors/Minors and do not need to maintain a certain GPA.


Some of these events are organized by Psi Chi.  Almost all events organized by Psychology Club and Psi Chi are open to members in both organizations.  The Psychology Club member's meetings are exclusive to Psychology Club members and Psi Chi member's meetings and Psi Chi Induction ceremonies are exclusive to Psi Chi members (even though guests are welcome to all events, non-members may not participate in the decison making and voting processes).

2008 Halloweenie Roast & Crafts, Episcopal Square Apartments



How to join the Psychology Club

Any Shippensburg University student is welcome to join! You do not have to be a Psychology Major or Minor.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please follow these directions:

  1. Go to the Psychology Dept. office 114 Franklin Science Center and pick up and complete the membership form.
  2. Place the completed form in the Psychology Club mailbox in 114 Franklin Science Center.

Once we receive your membership form, we will send you e-mails regarding meetings and events throughout the semester for you to participate in!