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Office: 251 FSC

Phone: (717) 477-1590



Personal/Research Webpage: http://webspace.ship.edu/gspaul/ 

CV: http://webspace.ship.edu/gspaul/cv.html 


1990 - Ph.D. Washington State University, Pullman, WA (Entomology)

1983 - M.S. University of Hawaii, Manoa, HI (Entomology)

1977 - B.A. Miami University, Oxford, OH (Zoology)


Dr. Paulson came to Shippensburg in 1994 after working at Washington State University (WSU) for several years.  He completed his PhD in Entomology in 1990 at WSU.  His PhD research focused on the development of an integrated pest management program for insect pests of pear orchards utilizing predatory ants.  Prior to his PhD studies, Dr. Paulson lived in Hawaii where he completed his MS in Entomology and worked as a technician for the University of Hawaii agricultural research service.  He is a former Peace Corps Volunteer and was stationed in Western Samoa for three years while he worked for the WHO on a filariasis epidemiology study.  Dr. Paulson is an avid photographer.  His work has been published in a variety of publications and has been displayed in museums in Belgium, Croatia and the USA.  He has also won several awards for his work.  When time allows, He and his wife enjoy traveling and have been to all 50 States as well as around the World, twice, by ship while participating in the Semester at Sea program.  For fun, Dr. Paulson likes to play ice hockey and takes pride in being one of the oldest players in the league.

Research Interests   

Insect population dynamics and interactions in tree fruit agroecosystems

Thermoregulation in nests of the Allegheny Mound Ant (AMA), Formica exsectoides 

Insect Morphology

AMA Nest Dispersion

Inquilines of the AMA

Fine Structure of Insects

Circadian rhythms of insects.

Forest Invertebrate Population Dynamics

Biomicroscopy and Imaging

Courses Taught 

Bio 100 Basic Biology

Bio 145 Environmental Biology

Bio 162 Principles of Biology: Organismal Diversity

Bio 330 Animal Behavior

Bio 485 Biological Imaging and Microscopy

Bio 494 Field Research Techniques

Bio 512 Aquatic Entomology