Current Happenings 

9/17/15:  Prof. Kim van Alkemade will read from her debut novel, Orphan #8, at 7:00 p.m. in Old Main Chapel.

10/15/15:  Pulitzer Prize winning author Adam Johnson will read from his new collection of short stories, Fortune Smiles, at 6:30 p.m. in Old Main Chapel. 
All events are free and open to all! 

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Contact Information

Dauphin Humanities Center, 128
Shippensburg University
1871 Old Main Drive
Shippensburg, PA  17257
Phone: 717. 477.1495
Fax: 717.477.4020

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Thomas C. Crochunis

Associate Professor of English 

Office: Horton 326
Phone:  717.477.1031
Office Hours (Sp 2015):
On Sabbatical
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Thomas C. Crochunis 

Ph.D., Literatures in English, Rutgers University (1995)
M.A., English, Bread Loaf School of English, Middlebury College (1987)
B. A., English with a Concentration in Theatre, Swarthmore College (1981)


Research/Teaching Interests:
English secondary education
British and American theatrical and dramatic history
British eighteenth and nineteenth century literature and culture
Technology and media studies

Select Publications: 

"Women Theatre Managers." Chapter in Oxford University Press Handbook to the Georgian Playhouse, 1737-1832. Eds. Julia Swindells and David Taylor. Oxford: Oxford UP. Forthcoming.

“How and Why to Teach The History of Women’s Dramatic Writing.” Essay in “Teaching Romantic Drama” special issue of Romantic Circles’ Pedagogy Commons. Ed. Thomas C. Crochunis. 2011.

“Women Writers and Pre- and Post-Realist Dramaturgy: Silence, Speech, and Trauma.” In Teaching British Women Playwrights of the Restoration and Eighteenth Century. Eds. Bonnie Nelson and Catherine Burroughs. New York: Modern Language Association. 2010.

"Teaching Romantic Theatre." In Teaching Romanticism. Eds. Sharon Ruston and David Higgins. London: Palgrave Macmillan. 2010.

“Reworking Conferencing for More Effective Writing Feedback.” Classroom Notes Plus: A Quarterly of Teaching Ideas. April 2009.

“Captain Barclay’s Performance: Decoding Pedestrianism in Early-Nineteenth Century Britain.” In Spheres of Action: Language, Performance, and Ethics in Romantic Culture. Eds. Angela Esterhammer and Alex J. Dick. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. 2009.

“A Personal Pedestrian History.” Proteus, A Journal of Ideas. Special issue on "Sports, Exercise, and Recreation." 2008.

Review of The Mollusc by H. H. Davies, Theatre Production by the Finborough Theatre Company, London. Theatre Journal. Performance Review Editor Judith Sebesta. May 2008.

“Literary Homosociality and the Political Science of the Actor’s Closet.” Special Issue: Papers and Responses from the Third Annual Conference of the North American Victorian Studies Association. Victorian Studies 49.2 (Winter) 2007. 258-67

“Introduction: When Romanticism Met Theater.” Special Issue: Romanticism and Theater. Nineteenth Century Contexts 28.4 (December) 2006. 281-3.

“Visualizing Feminist Theatre Historiography on the Web.” In The Humanities and Visual Media. Ed. Kecia McBride. Knoxville, TN: University of Tennessee Press, 2004.

“Women and Dramatic Writing in the British Romantic Era.” Literature Compass 1 (2004) RO 094, 1-11. [Online].“

“Joanna Baillie's Ambivalent Dramaturgy.” In Joanna Baillie, Romantic Dramatist: Critical Essays. Ed. Thomas C. Crochunis. London: Routledge, 2004. 168-186.

“Putting Plays (and More) in Cyberspace: An Overview of the British Women Playwrights around 1800 Project.” Co-authored essay (with Michael Eberle-Sinatra) in European Romantic Review. 14.1 (March 2003). Ed. Diane Long Hoeveler. 117-131.

“Writing Gothic Theatrical Spaces.” Gothic Studies 3.2 (2001) A special issue on Gothic Drama and Theatre. Ed. Jeffrey Cox. 156-69.

“Byronic Heroes and Acting: The Embodiment of Mental Theatre.” In Contemporary Studies on Lord Byron. Ed. William D. Brewer. Lewiston, NY: The Edwin Mellen Press, 2001. 73-94.

“Performing the Wild: Rethinking Wilderness and Theatre Spaces.” Co-authored essay (with Adam Sweeting) in Beyond Nature Writing. Ed. Kathleen Wallace and Karla Armbruster. Charlottesville, VA: University of Virginia Press, 2001. 325-40.

Authorial Performances in the Criticism and Theory of Romantic Women Playwrights.” In Women in British Romantic Theatre: Drama, Performance, and Society, 1790-1840. Ed. Catherine B. Burroughs. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2000. 223-54.

Select Conference Participation (in Humanities, Theatre History, Media Studies, Education): 

Organizer and presenter: “Connecting Through Student Affiliates to Ignite Campus Interest in Literature And Literacy.” NCTE Conference. Las Vegas, NV. November 2012.

Organizer and presenter: “Literacy Sponsorship Profiles: Encountering Students’ Changing Literacies.” PCTELA Conference. Lancaster, PA. October 2012.

Organizer and presenter (with William Cowden and Joseph Shane): “Assessment in the Wild: Evaluating Field-Based Practice in Ways that Enhance Student Learning.” Inaugural Conference on Emerging and Innovative Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Practices to Ensure Student Success. Shippensburg, PA, October 2012.  

“Ex-Centric Performances: Women Entrepreneurs and the Authorship of Theatre Institutions.” International Conference on Romanticism conference. Montréal, Canada. November 2011.

Organizer and presenter: "Building Community through Performance: Varieties of Performance-Based Teaching." PCTELA Conference. Cranberry Township, PA, October 2011.

Organizer and presenter: “What Does It Take for Early-Career Teachers to Write?” at session “Keeping Writing Alive as a Beginning Teacher.” NCTE Conference. Orlando, FL, November 2010.

Organizer and presenter: “Literacy Sponsorship Profiles: Encountering Students’ Changing Literacies.” PCTELA Conference. State College, PA, October 2010.

“Field Work is Not a Course Release: Why and How We Need to Evaluate Supervision of Student Teachers.” APSCUF/PSEA Conference. Harrisburg, PA, October 2010.

To Kill a Mockingbird in the Secondary School Classroom.” 50th Anniversary Celebration of To Kill a Mockingbird. Shippensburg, PA. October 2010.

“Women Englishing the German Stage: Inchbald and Plumptre’s Translations of Kotzebue's Das Kind der Liebe.” Shippensburg University Modern Language Conference: Margins, Paths, and Spaces. Shippensburg, PA. April 2010.

Organizer and presenter, “Teaching Multi-Cultural Literature.” Shippensburg University Modern Language Conference: Margins, Paths, and Spaces. Shippensburg, PA. April 2010.

“Joanna Baillie’s Witchcraft: From Hypermedia Documentation to Classroom Use.” Presentation to the “Technologies, Media, and Representations in Nineteenth-Century Britain and France” research group and the Fonds québecois de recherché sur la société et culture (FQRSC) “Hypertext and Performance” grant project. Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, December 2009.

Organizer of and presenter at classroom demonstration session, “Using Performance Activities and Graphic Texts to Stimulate Student Reading and Writing: Applying Cultural-Historical Activity Theory to Develop Literacy Practices.” NCTE Conference. Philadelphia, PA, November 2009.

Organizer and panel chair, “Teacher Education across the PASSHE System.” EAPSU Conference. Shippensburg, PA, October 2009.

“Working the Field: How We Misunderstand Supervision of Student Teachers.” APSCUF-PSEA Conference on Academic Labor. Harrisburg, PA, October 2009.

“What are Teachers’ Roles and Responsibilities in Assuring That Our Students are Prepared?” Presentation at Pennsylvania School Board Association “Symposium on Education Issues for School Board Members.” Gettysburg, PA, July 2009.

“Performing Young Adult Literature: How to Coach Performance Projects That Engage Readers.” PCTELA Conference. Lancaster, October 2008.

"The Scholarly Subject of Performance." Plenary address at Second Workshop of the “Technologies, Media, and Representations in Nineteenth-Century Britain and France” Research Group. Université de Montréal, Canada, September 2008.

“There’s performance in my play text; drama, hypermedia, and user engagement with digital texts.” Paper delivered at "Romantic Diversity: 16th Annual North American Society for the Study of Romanticism Conference. University of Toronto, Canada, August 2008.

Organizer of pre-conference theatre history workshop focusing on the history of British provincial theatre from 1789-1832. Held in conjunction with 2007 BARS/NASSR Conference, “Emancipation, Liberation, Freedom.” Bristol, UK, July 2007.

“Women Playwrights and Dramatic Spaces: Locating Historical Tragedy’s Venues and Politics,” BARS/NASSR Conference, “Emancipation, Liberation, Freedom.” Bristol, UK, July 2007.

Panelist, "Action Research and the Compleat Teacher Educator," NCTE Annual Convention, Nashville, Tennessee, November 2006.

"Homosociality and the Political Science of Acting," NASSR conference, “Scientia and Techne.” Lafayette, Indiana, September 2006.

“Frances Burney’s The Witlings: Post-Performance Remarks.” University of Massachusetts—Boston, May 2006.

“Pedestrianism as Performance; or How Qualitative Inquiry Makes Sense of Captain Barclay's Quantitative Feats.” Romantic Literature and Culture seminar, The Humanities Center at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, April 2005.

“Evaluating Professional Learning Experiences in Education: Testing Theory, Informing Practice.” American Evaluation Association, Atlanta, GA, November, 2004.

Co-organizer and facilitator of  “Drama and Theatre History, 1770-1840: The Import of Romantic Drama,” a working-group conference held in conjunction with North American Society for the Study of Romanticism (NASSR) conference, “Romantic Cosmopolitanism.” Boulder, Colorado, September 2004.

Moderator: Post-Reading Panel on Elizabeth Inchbald’s The Massacre, NASSR conference, “Romantic Cosmopolitanism.” Boulder, Colorado, September 2004.

Workshop Leader, “Elizabeth Inchbald’s The Massacre,” NASSR conference, “Romantic Cosmopolitanism.” Boulder, Colorado, September 2004.