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The Raider Battalion is the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) program at Shippensburg University. Located in the heart of the Shippensburg University campus, the Raider Battalion includes students from Shippensburg University, Wilson College, and Penn State Mont Alto.

How to Enroll in ROTC

Incoming Freshmen and Sophomores: To get started in ROTC is as simple as enrolling in a Military Science course for Spring 2017. There are no prerequites or tests required.Classes meet once a week, with a lab on Thursday afternoon and physical training Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Classes count as 2 elective credits.

  • Freshmen: Enroll in Military Science 132 (Choose class on Wednesday/12:00, Wednesday/1:00, or Thursday/11:00)
  • Sophomores: Enroll in Military Science 232 (Choose class on Tuesday/11:00 or Thursday/12:00)
  • Juniors and Grad Students: Contact the Military Science Department for course info.

There is no obligation required to start ROTC. Students can take up to two years of ROTC classes without making any military commitment. Students who commit to completing the ROTC program, though, are entitled to a monthly stipend of $300 to $500 and can compete for full-tuition scholarships.

What makes Shippensburg ROTC special?

ROTC/Veterans Living Learning Community  opens in Kieffer Hall. Not required, but an option for ROTC cadets, a living/learning community is a group of students who live on the same floor and share common academic or social interests. In your LLC, you'll build new relationships with other students, faculty, and staff, while concentrating on your personal passions. In your LLC, you'll also enjoy benefits such as simplified scheduling, living in suite-style housing custom designed for LLCs, and the ability to choose your roommates.

Benefits and Perks:

  • Suite-style living in Kieffer Hall, located near the ROTC office in Wright Hall ROTC-LLC
  • Lounge reserved specifically for your LLC use 
  • Staff and faculty mentors to provide support and resources
  • Instant connection with fellow hallmates
  • Events and programs geared towards your interests
  • Supportive environment to encourage you to achieve your goals

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