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Shippensburg University
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Department Chair:
Dr.Barbara Denison 

Department Secretary:
Lisa M. Dubbs 

Internship Contact:
Dr. Chad Kimmel 

ODL Program Coordinator:
Dr. Barbara Denison 


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Sociology Faculty 

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Dr. Barbara Denison, Chair
Grove 430, 477-1257

Ph.D., Northwestern University  

Areas of interest are organizations, leadership, religion, higher education Research interests include, examining the role of military chaplains in active duty situations, the changing leadership role in organizational structure of Air Force chaplaincy as part of the overall religious change in the US, educational funding and student soldiers.

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Dr. Philip Broyles

Ph.D., Washington State University

Research interests include, racial and gender wage gaps of scientists and the role of the 10th Mountain Division veterans in revitalizing the ski industry after WWII.

Carey resized Dr. Allison Carey
Grove 436, 477-1582

Ph.D., University of Michigan

Research interests include, medical sociology, health and disability; social problems; inequality; qualitative research methods; and specifically cultural beliefs and practices related to people defined as having mental retardation or intellectual disabilities.

DebImage Dr. Debra Cornelius
Grove 433, 477-1777

Ph.D., George Washington University

Research interests include, social networking of migrant workers in sending and receiving communities in Mexico and California, stratification within migrant worker communities, and framing of migrant workers in news.


Dr. Cynthia Drenovsky

Ph.D., Washington State University

Areas of specialization: Research Design, Family Sociology, Death and Dying Research interests include social activity and dementia.  


Dr. Chad Kimmel
Grove 431, 477-1706

Ph.D Western Michigan University

Research interests include, the Levittown Heritage Oral History Project, Traditions of Deviance Project, Advising.

Skip-updated Dr. Robert Pineda-Volk
Grove 429, 477-1117

Ph.D., University of Illinois

Research Interests include, history of ethnoracial depictions in film, interacial depictions in television daytime dramas, migrant labor system in the local fruit industry

Ying Yang Picture

Dr. Ying Yang
Grove 426, 477-1787

Ph.D. University of South Carolina

Research interests are race and minority, immigration, wealth inequality, stratification, and quantitative research; particularly interested in studying how one’s racial, ethnic, and gender identity would affect their wealth accumulation and access to other opportunities in American Society; also fascinated by the topic of culture diversity and power conflict in American prison system.

Dina picture

Dr. Dina Banerjee
Grove 439, 477-1247

Ph.D. Purdue University

Current research interests are gender, work, and occupations & leadership and organizations.

Wendell photo

Dr. Wendell Johnson
Grove 437, 477-1596

Ph. D. Northwestern University