Basic Dialing Instructions

Campus Extension to Campus Extension:

1. Dial the four digit campus extension number.

Campus Extension to Local Calling Area:

1. Dial "9"

2. Dial seven digit local number. (At printing, the local office codes accessible from campus as local calls with the appropriate method of dialing are: 261, 262, 263, 264, 267, 360, 423, 477, 530, 532, 709, 816, 860, 880 and 977.

Campus Extension to a Toll-Free Number:

1. Dial "9"

2. Dial 1-800-XXX-YYYY - or- 888 & 877 are also toll free exchanges. As mentioned, be cautious of any toll-free number that may be a look-alike number and cause you to accept fraudulent charges. You will be held responsible.

Campus Extension to Primary Operator Services:

1. Dial "9"

2. Dial 0+Area Code + Phone Number.

3. You will receive a bong tone identifying from the current operator services provider.

4. Enter your BOC Calling Card number, equivalent home phone card number, or major credit card, or hold for an operator with specific billing instructions.

Campus Extension to Equal Access Provider:

1. Equal Access providers may require a number of alternative methods of access, including 800, 950, and 1010XXX access.

2. Dial "9"

3. Dial 1010XXX0 + area code + phone number.

4. Follow access providers instructions. Please note TOCSIA permits the university to protect itself from reverse or end-user billing by requiring equal access zero calls are made to valid billing parties and to pursue fraudulent charges.

The university cannot guarantee that all providers supply information that will allow access and billing methods in this same manner. If you have questions specific to a particular access provider, please contact the Communications Center at 717-477-1209.