March is Women's History Month
Join us as we celebrate women. Look at our spring calendar.

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There are a lot of events happening this fall.  Speak out!  Let us know what you are thinking. 

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Women's Center
132 Horton Hall
(717) 477-1790

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Women's Center Offices
8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Women's Center Lounge
Call us ( 717) 477-1790 to reserve the lounge.

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Welcome to the Women's Center

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       Shippensburg University Women's Center Mission Statement    

Equality - Empowerment - Ending Violence! 

The Women's Center at Shippensburg University advances the equality and empowerment of woman-identified students, faculty and staff.  In line with the Shippensburg University Mission Statement, the Women's Center assists students in their personal, social and ethical development through educational programs, specialized resources, celebration of achievements by and for women, and the pursuit of social justice.

Using empowerment theory to guide our actions, the staff and volunteers of the Women's Center advocate for victims of sexual misconduct, intimate partner abuse, and other violent crimes.  We are dedicated to fostering a safe educational environment that is both respectful and inclusive to all members of our campus community.  All women and men are welcomed and encouraged to use the Women's Center services and resources.

Guided by empathy, integrity, open-mindedness and a strong commitment to collaboration, the Women's Center works towards equality, empowermnet and ending violence for all members of the Shippensburg University community..

The Center operates under the Department of Dean of Students and Student Affairs and is staffed by a Director, Stephanie Erdice, Office Manager, Katrina Howard, Graduate Assistant, Raff Iula, Intern, Thomas McCalmont, Student Worker, Benjamin Abel, and volunteers. The Women's Center works cooperatively with the Women's Studies Minor.

Women have made much progress in expanding their horizons over the last 25 years. Both women and men continue to challenge sex-role stereotyping.

You can participate in discussion groups, volunteer opportunities, films, lectures and workshops sponsored by the Women's Center which is located in Horton Hall room 132. You can also have one on one conversations with the staff, get information about women's groups, and borrow books, videos, magazines, and pamphlets for research and class projects.

Location and Hours

The Women's Center is located on the first floor of Horton Hall. From the front entrance go straight through the lobby and all the way back to rooms 132 (Office Manager and library), 133 (Director's office), and 135 (lounge). 

Women's Center Hours
Monday -  Friday
8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Women's Center Lounge Hours
Monday -  Thursday
8:00 a.m to 6:30 p.m with volunteer cooperation.

If you need specific information or want to speak with a specific person, you may want to call ahead (717-477-1790).