Women's Center Educational Workshops


The Women's Center provides engaging and educational workshops for residence hall floors, student organizations, classes, training and other programs or events.  These workshops reflect our mission to advance equality and end sexual assault and intimate partner abuse on our campus. All of our workshops are interactive and discuss the resources available on and off campus.  Contact the Women's Center at 717.477.1790 or womenscenter@ship.edu.
 *Our programs can be customized to any group and though the group size and times listed for each program are ideal, they can be adjusted.

Consent is Sexy/Consent is Mandatory

Time:  45 minutes

Group Size: 20 - 80 people

This interactive program uses text messaging polls, video clips and interactive dialogue to establish the scope of the sexual assault epidemic on college and university campuses.  The core of the program breaks down 5 components of consent and discusses the necessity of asking for consent for intimate interactions. 
*Sometimes this program is combined with the Power of a Bystander Program


  • Define sexual assault, rape and intimate partner abuse
  • Review sexual assault and rape statistics
  • Define and explain consent
  • Discuss the necessity of asking for consent

Chris Goes to a Party?

Time:  30 - 45 minutes

Group Size:  20 - 30 people

This program takes a close look at gender stereotyping and how that can contribute to victim blaming in cases of sexual assault.  Through small group work and larger group discussions, participants are lead through a scenario and asked to assess how the main chapter is treated differently depending on his/her gender.  
*It is best if the theme of this program is not advertised or discussed beforehand.  Participants should not know this workshop is about gender before they participate.


  • Challenge students to think critically about gender and stereotypes
  • Address gender stereotyping and how it affects relationships
  • Discuss behaviors that leads to gender stereotyping
  • Gain understanding of how to be a change-agent and breaking down gender stereotypes

The Lies that Movies Told Me

Time: 45 - 60 minutes

Group Size:  12 - 40 people

This is the Women's Center's most popular program.  It's an interactive exploration of how media shapes the way we perceive relationships.  Participants takes a critical look at the messages they receive from movies and the impact it can have on their own lives.  This workshop discusses both healthy and unhealthy relationship behaviors and provides information for supporting a friend that may be in an unhealthy relationship.


  • Understand the elements of healthy relationships
  • Gain knowledge of red flags for Intimate Partner Abuse (IPA) and what to do about them
  • Obtain understanding of resources for IPA and how to help/support a friend

#Why I Stayed

Time: 60 - 75 minutes

Group Size:  20 - 60

This eye opening workshop is completely interactive and puts participants in their own dating abuse or domestic violence situation.  Using money and favors they must navigate the challenges of escaping an abusive partner.  There are two versions of this workshop.  One version depicts a college dating abuse scenario while the other focuses on a married couple.  This program can be emotionally intense and be a trigger for a victim of intimate partner abuse.


  • Gain understanding of the complexities of IPA
  •  Comprehend the difficulty victims face when making the decision to leave an IPA situation
  •  Learn about the cycle of violence and red flags to IPA
  •  Become informed of resources and ways to support friends or family members that are in IPA relationships

The Problem, The Cause, The Cure - an Examination of Rape Culture

Time:  60 - 75 minutes

Group Size:  12- 100 people

This eye opening workshop takes a close look at rape culture in the media and its link to sexual violence.  Through videos, memes and advertisements, participants engage in conversations about the message they absorb every day and the ways in which they can shift the culture to embrace and support positive messages of gender, anti-violence and victim support.


          0   Establish a basic understanding of rape culture, it's prevalence in our community and

                society and how it impacts sexual violence.

          0   Gain knowledge of methods for combating rape culture both personally and in the


          0   Learn the industries that contribute most to rape culture and why

Is This Rape?

Time: 45 - 60 minutes

Group: 20 (men)

This program is an extension of the Consent is Sexy/Mandatory program that is designed specifically for men.  After reviewing the 5 components of consent, participants are asked to individually contemplate a series of sexual misconduct and its impact on the lives of the people involved in these situations.


          0   Review consent

          0   Engage students in a discussion about consent and its importance/necessity

          0   Give students the opportunity to talk about specific situations that concern consent and

                healthy relationships

Ship Says No More and the Power of a Bystander

Time: 30 - 45 minutes

Group:  12 - 50+

This short program discusses the role of bystander's in preventing sexual misconduct.  Participants will learn what bystander intervention is, the steps to taking action and simple techniques they can implement if they observe a situation.  Through role play they will practice the skills they just learned and discuss how small, simple actions can have successful outcomes.  
*This workshop is often combined with other workshops


          0   Review the Ship Says No More Program

          0   Discuss reasons and methods of intervention

          0   Address safety concerns for bystander intervention

          0   Practice bystander intervention through role play