Major Construction Projects updated 4/27/15

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Facilities Management & Planning

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Through our custodial, grounds, maintenance and operations, central heat, planning, design, and construction staffs, the Facilities Department strives to maintain the University’s reputation for providing top notch facilities for the students, faculty, staff, parents and visitors of Shippensburg University.  We continually strive to improve our facilities services, to provide first class quality service to our customers, to be responsive to the ever-changing character of the University, and to take the lead in exploring innovative approaches to facilities issues.

Thank you and a Safety reminder  

- From the Associate Vice President for Facilities  

My name is Lance Bryson.  I am ultimately responsible for the facility improvements and construction (perhaps you would call them “disruptions”) that you have been putting up with and enduring this academic year.   I may have been on your “most wanted” list many times!    

Thank you for your tolerance of the work and the significant patience you have demonstrated as the various contractors, the Department of General Services representatives, and my Facilities staff members have progressed with the work.  I apologize for the many inconveniences you have dealt with during this academic year as we have carried out these improvements.  I know it has been a long, hard year of construction.  

As you approach the end of the academic year, we in Facilities also approach the completion of the construction work. Hooray!  By mid-July we will have completed the most significant undertaking of replacing our centralized heating plant and our distributed chilled water systems.    

These significant utilities improvements will reduce our carbon footprint by 40%, (with some engineers calculating an even higher reduction) and will reduce the University’s operating expenses helping to efficiently use our resources.  We replaced an aged and dilapidated system with a modern one that will set us well for the future of our fine University.    

PLEASE: as you near finals week and the summer break, continue to be mindful of the need to practice safety near our construction zones.  Be vigilant!  The contractors who set up the various temporary pedestrian walkways and fencing and rope barriers are looking out for your well-being and personal safety.  Please respect them for that and follow their directions as their work progresses towards completion.  Be mindful of the safety barriers and aware of the dangers around heavy equipment.   

Once again, thanks for your patience and tolerance during this academic year. We look forward to presenting a much more pleasant facility for your educational pursuits and enjoyment.  I wish you well for the end of the semester and finals week. Have a great summer!  

Thank you!


Lance Bryson
Associate VP for Facilities