Department of Geography

The Department of Geography-Earth Science

The Department of Geography-Earth Science offers undergraduate programs and graduate programs. The undergraduate programs in the geography-earth science department are designed to give students an appreciation of the physical and cultural environment of the earth. Students will develop skills in collecting, recording, and interpreting geoenvironmental data. They will become involved in laboratory work, field investigations, and environmental management that will sharpen student skills to arrive at solutions based on an inductive application of all available sources and materials. Main themes in the study of Geography-Earth Science are Geology, Land Use, Human/Cultural Geography, Mapping Sciences, Atmosphere, and Water Resources.

Geography-Earth Science Features

The geography-earth science department has a strong interdisciplinary nature. With diverse backgrounds, departmental faculty integrate findings from a variety of areas enabling members to develop insights on real problems in various areas such as studying environmental hazards in the Cumberland Valley or urban growth issues in China. In departmental courses and programs, faculty explain location is important, there are reasons why areas and places are different physically and culturally, and knowledge of how territory is organized and changed is a key problem in science and society. The unique quality of the geography-earth science department is its object of analysis is the earth's surface and its purpose is to understand how that surface is structured and differentiated and how people have affected the landscape.

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