The Learning Center

What We Do

The Learning Center is the university's primary academic resource center and is available to all Ship students. Our goal at the Learning Center is to help students develop skills and strategies that will enable them to become independent, active learners.

We provide a variety of tutoring services.  We can help you study for an exam, learn better study skills, or improve your writing skills.  Our tutors are well-trained and know how to help you succeed.  Whether you feel you need extra help or just want to extend your learning in a social environment, the Learning Center can help.

Benefits of Tutoring

    • Facilitate your academic success through active learning strategies
    • Improve your self-reliance and academic confidence
    • Give you a variety of effective study strategies that are subject specific
    • Provide you with opportunities for collaborative learning with both tutors and fellow students
    • Offer you a chance to clarify difficult material prior to taking exams
    • Help you engage in a dynamic learning community

Your Tutors