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The Shippensburg University Testing Center is located in the basement of Horton Hall. Parking is available in any lot on campus as long as the space is not reserved or designated for handicapped parking. Parking passes will be given to visitors on their arrival at the Testing Center (please be sure to arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time of your test if you need a parking pass). 

Mission Statement

The primary focus of the Shippensburg University Testing Center is to provide placement testing to incoming first-year students and transfer students. Please continue reading for more information on placement testing. Also, see below for information regarding other tests offered by the Shippensburg University Testing Center and additional resources.

What is Placement Testing?

Shippensburg University's General Education Program requires students to take various courses to develop certain skills and competencies. The mission of Placement Testing is to determine whether or not students are adequately prepared to succeed in these courses. We determine level of proficiency by testing Math and Writing (English). Click on each test to learn more.

The Shippensburg University Testing Center also provides an optional Reading test for students who are required to take Developmental Reading & Study Skills (RDG 050) and wish to challenge their placement in that course. Click on Reading to learn more about the Reading Challenge Test.

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