Welcome to the Placement Testing Office

Your success at Shippensburg University is our ultimate goal!

Placement Testing March 14, 2016 - May 31, 2016!

NOTE TO SCHEDULED TESTERS: All testing is located in Horton Hall 022. Please bring with you a photo ID, your GOLD sheet from your Placement Testing Packet, and know your SU ID, SU E-mail, and password. Calculators are NOT permitted! Please do not bring them with you.

***PLEASE NOTE*** New SAT vs. Old SAT scores

Please note that the Concordance Tables were released by College Board on May 9, 2016. The new SAT scores are not equivalent to the old SAT scores. Please contact Melissa Murphy at (717)477-1014 or mcmurphy@ship.edu if you have questions on how your new SAT scores will affect your placement testing requirements.

What is Placement Testing?

Our General Education Program requires our students take various courses to develop certain skills and competencies. The mission of Placement Testing is to determine whether or not students are adequately prepared to succeed in these courses. We determine level of proficiency by testing Math and Writing (English).

  • Math: Your test results will determine your eligibility to enroll in college-level math courses. Continue reading for further information.

  • English (Writing): The English composition program is designed to provide students with sufficient writing skills to fulfill undergraduate writing requirements. Read on for more detailed information

Accommodations for Students with Special Needs

If you have a documented disability and require special testing accommodations, you should contact the Office of Disability Services, Horton Hall 322, 717-477-1329, as soon as possible. To be eligible for accommodations, you must file the appropriate documentation with the Office of Disability Services before testing. If extended testing time is necessary, please note that the math and English (writing) placement tests are untimed. Since both tests are untimed, you can register for testing without contacting the Office of Disability Services.

How will I know if I need to test?

Students will receive information from the Placement Testing Office after confirming attendance at Ship. This information will include a letter and a brochure with instructions for logging into our registration system. Here you can view placement testing requirements and register for testing and orientation. Not all students are required to complete testing. Students will need to log into the online registration to see testing requirements, if any.

Transfer Students: Please allow for a couple of weeks between your confirmation and a review of your transcripts to determine your placement testing requirements. Check your SU e-mail daily. You will receive an e-mail from the Placement Testing Office if you are required to complete testing.

Registration for Testing

In order to register for classes during New Student Orientation, you MUST complete all testing requirements before your orientation date. We strongly recommended that you complete placement testing requirements or optional testing as soon as possible. Testing will be offered throughout the spring semester. Please do not wait until the end of the school year when there is a flurry of activity.

To register for testing, complete the following steps:

  1. On our website click on REGISTER FOR PLACEMENT TESTING (a tab on the left hand side of this page)

  2. Click Register@Ship and log onto the Admission Portal using your SU ID# as your Login ID and your PIN (which is your date of birth - listed with two digits for the month, two for the day, and two for the year without spaces or dashes).

  3. Click on the link for the Processed Application (Term, Year) and "Click Here" next to Placement Testing

  4. Provide the required Personal Information and then Save & Continue to move to the next page where your placement testing requirements (if any) will be listed.

  5. If required to test, complete the online registration by selecting a testing date and time. You will be sent a confirmation email to your Ship email account which will include the location of testing. You should also register for orientation at this time.

  6. If not required to test, no further action is necessary in regard to placement testing. Please register for orientation at this time.


Testing Procedures

  • Arrival: Plan to arrive approximately 15 minutes prior to your testing time to sign in.

  • What to Bring: You must bring a photo ID and know your Shippensburg University ID number. For English (writing) placement testing you will need to know your Ship email address and password.

  • Timing: Tests are untimed. All tests are completed during one session.

  • Test Materials: We will provide all necessary testing materials. Calculators are not permitted. If needed, a ‘pop-up’ calculator will be available on the computer.

  • Test Results: You will receive your math results immediately after testing. Results will then be explained by Placement Testing Office staff. If further clarification is necessary, contact us for a more thorough explanation. For students taking the English (writing) placement test, only students who are placed into Basic Writing will be notified via email. Students can also contact the English department to verify test scores.

Placement Testing Transcript Requests

Student's requesting to have their placement testing results sent to another college or university, must complete a Transcript Request Form. Once the request is submitted, we will forward your scores. Please complete the whole form. An incomplete form will delay your results being sent out.

Why it is SO IMPORTANT to review for testing

Developmental courses do not count toward graduation therefore it is imperative to review before testing. For the math test, you may want to review Algebra I & II material. Practice tests are available on our website under Review for Placement Testing. For English (writing), review grammar and be able to clearly articulate a well-constructed point. See Review for Placement Testing for more resources.