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Brandon Weaver

Brandon Weaver

My name is Brandon Weaver and I am a junior at Shippensburg. I transferred to Ship from Lackawanna College in Scranton, PA after receiving my associate degree in accounting. I chose to transfer to Ship, to pursue my goal of becoming a CPA, because of the great reputation of the John L. Grove College of Business and because I really enjoyed my time on campus when visiting.  

During my transition I was feeling many different emotions. I was excited to be moving forward to work on reaching my dream, but I was also nervous to be moving away from home and going to a much larger university. I learned quickly that life at Ship was going to be very different, from academics to social life.  Coming from a small college where I knew almost everyone in my classes, to not knowing a single person on campus can feel overwhelming. Thankfully, I became involved in STEPS and had a great mentor to help with any questions or concerns I had.  The best advice I can give from my experience is to ask for help if you need it, or even think you need it.  Also, participate and engage in organizations on campus to help further yourself academically and socially.

encourage all business transfer students to actively participate in STEPS.  Our members are here to support transfer students and help you to have a successful future at Ship. It is a great opportunity to meet other students who are just like you; students who know what you are experiencing as all STEPS Mentors and members have been through the transfer process. I am fortunate to be a part of a great organization.