Scholarships, Grants and Loans

Student in suit presenting
Stefan Sziagzi '16
Exercise Science Major, Biology Minor
“Much of what I have been able to accomplish here is because of the scholarship support I received. It has also made graduate school possible and allowed me time to participate in meaningful service for others. One day I hope to follow by example and give other students a helping hand.”
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Outside of federal financial aid, Shippensburg University students can partially or fully fund their education through private and university-sourced scholarships, grants and loans.

Whether or not you’re receiving aid through federal programs, there are many assistance options available when it’s time to invest in an undergraduate or graduate degree—and we’ll help guide you through the process.

You might have filled out the Federal Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), but don’t miss out on any other aid you’re eligible for. Learn how to apply to scholarships, find grants and source loan assistance.


Scholarships for undergraduate, graduate and transfer students can be institutional (sourced from Ship itself) or from state, local or private sources. Some Shippensburg scholarships are awarded based on your admission application, and some require a separate application.

Shippensburg awards several institutional scholarships, including:

● Merit scholarships

● Need-based scholarships and housing assistance

● Academic scholarships

● Athletic scholarships

We’ve also compiled resources to help you find financial support outside of Ship, including how to search for outside or privately funded scholarships. Whether you’re a new student, a transfer student or applying for graduate school, review complete information regarding scholarships at Shippensburg


If you want to receive student financial aid that doesn’t require repayment, grants are another option. When you complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), you are automatically considered for some federal grant awards, but Shippensburg students may be eligible for other types of Pennsylvania grants.

Review a list of federal and state grants you may be eligible for and learn how to apply.


If you find yourself needing to apply for a student loan to help cover costs, you and your family can accept them through federal programs or private lenders. Shippensburg University also can source your student loan through our Alumni Student Loan program.

Learn about student loan options available to Shippensburg University students and their families.

Scholarships, Grants and Loans for Graduate Students

Students applying for graduate financial aid at Shippensburg University can apply for and receive loans through the Financial Aid Office. Additionally, Ship’s robust assistantship programs can help graduate students cover costs while providing opportunities leading to career advancement.

Review graduate financial aid information.

More Ways to Pay for College

Work a part-time position on campus to earn money toward your cost of attendance. Review Ship's robust work-study opportunities to strengthen your resume while earning a paycheck.

Veterans can apply for their student benefits with our assistance. Learn about aid available to veterans and their families

More Financial Aid Resources

Get all the information on scholarships, loans, grants and federal financial aid with our extensive list of frequently asked questions.

Refer to our Financial Aid Road Map when making a plan.

Contact Us With Scholarship, Grant and Loan Questions

If you’re interested in Shippensburg University’s scholarship, grant and loan options or have any financial questions at all, contact the Financial Aid Office.

Continue your journey toward investing in your education at Ship. Find tuition and fee details and review complete financial aid information. Then, begin applying for scholarships and aid.