Student Accounts

The Student Accounts Office is responsible for the assessment and collection of student tuition and fees. We manage all university revenue, student payments and refunds, third party scholarships and billing, military billing, bad debt collections and the Federal Perkins Loan program.

We can help you:

  • Find important deadlines and instructions for paying your bill
  • Understand the various fees on your bill
  • Answer frequently asked questions about topics such as fees, paying your bill, financial aid, and payment plans.

Bills are available online. Paper bills are not mailed. You will receive an email through your email account when bills are ready to view online. Check your email account regularly for important billing information updates.

Please include your student ID number on all payments, letters, emails, faxes and voicemail messages for the Student Accounts office.

Important Dates

Fall 2020
Bills posted online - Approximately July 20, 2020
Due Date - August 10, 2020

Winter 2020 
Bills posted online - Approximately November 9, 2020
Due Date - November 30, 2020

Spring 2021 
Bills posted online - Approximately November 16, 2020
Due Date - January 12, 2021

View Spring 2021 billing information (PDF).

View information for the 2019-2020 academic year.

A student is considered full-time when they have registered for 12 or more credits.

View undergraduate tuition and fees.

Full-time graduate students attending Shippensburg University carry nine credits of classes per semester. If you enroll less than full-time, your costs will be reduced and your eligibility for aid will be based on those reduced charges.

View Graduate Tuition and Fees

  • An orientation fee of $150.00 is charged to all new undergraduate students in their first semester at Shippensburg University.
  • A $10.00 per credit off campus support fee is charged to students taking courses at specific locations.
  • A field placement fee of $100.00 per semester is charged to teacher education students seeking certification and taking teacher education courses.

For further explanation of these and other fees, please see our frequently asked questions.

High-Achieving Students

Students in this category are:

  • Out-of-state students in their first year who earn a 1200 SAT or better (critical reading + critical math) or graduate in the top 10% of their class.
  • Continuing students who meet or exceed the same qualifications as Board of Governor Scholarship recipients (requires a 2.5 cumulative GPA in the first year and recipients with 30 or more earned credit hours must earn a 2.8 cumulative GPA).

STEM Majors

Out-of-state students who select a STEM or STEM education major will receive a reduced rate as long as they stay in the selected major.

Find more information about degrees in STEM disciplines.

Dual Admissions Students

Students in this category are enrolled in a Dual Admissions program with a participating community college.

Get more information about Dual Admissions and participating colleges.

International Students

International students pay the non-resident rate and are not eligible for the non-resident high-achieving and STEM rates.

No student shall be enrolled, receive a diploma, or receive a transcript until all previous accounts have been paid. Accounts delinquent for 90 days are turned over to the Pennsylvania Attorney General for collection.