Dean and Director Leadership Team

Associate Dean
Director of Housing and Residence Life
Barry McClanahan
Ext. 1240

Bill Yost StaffAssociate Director of Housing and Residence Life Administration
Bill Yost
Ext. 1615

Janet Associate Dean
Director of Judicial Affairs
Janet Janifer
Ext. 1661

Associate Dean of Students
Veterans Affairs
Robert Smith
Ext. 1613

Associate Dean
Director of Orientation
Donna Gross
Ext. 1165

Dr. Phillip Henry
Director of
Counseling Services
Dr. Philip Henry
Ext. 1481

Assistant Dean
Director of Fraternity & Sorority Life
Ext. 1279
Associate Dean
Director of International Programs
Mary S. Burnett
Ext. 1279

Dr. Anne WendleAssistant Dean
Director of Drug & Alcohol Service
Dr. Ann Wendle
Ext. 1536
Stephanie Erdice
Director of
Women's Center
Stephanie Erdice
Ext. 1790
Jason Barauskas 2Assistant Director of Residential Education
Jason Barauskas
Ext. 1905

Assistant Director of Residence Life(West Side)
Glenda Cosby
Ext. 1908

Jen MilburnAssistant Director of Residence Life (East Side)
Jennifer Milburn
Ext. 1904