Living-Learning Community Application

The deadline to complete this application is May 1st for the 2018-19 academic year.

 Step by step guide for applying for an LLC. 

Prior to completing this application student should have officially accepted their offer to attend Shippensburg University and completed the housing agreement and paid the $200 housing deposit. Once this was completed you should have received an email with information about RoomSync to assist you in the process of finding a roommate. We highly encourage LLC students to live with one another because of the limited number of spaces in these communities.

Personal Information

 First Name: 

Last Name: 

Student Number: 

Ship Email (required):   

Cell Phone Number: 

T-shirt Size: 


Select LLC

Please select up to 2 LLCs that might be of interest to you. Pay special attention to the listed requirements and the different unit types offered in these specific communities.

Academic Communities

Interest Communities


Suite options

Please rank your interest in the following suite options [1-5, 1 most desirable]. The sooner we receive your completed application the higher the likelihood that you will receive the suite type requested. Note that not all suite types are available in every community.

2-person shared suite with bathroom
Estimated Cost per semester 2018-19: $4,009 per student

2-person private suite with sitting area and bathroom
Estimated Cost per semester 2018-19: $4,633 per student

D2-Unit (D3 is a corner unit)
4-person shared suite with living room, dining space, kitchenette, and 2 bathrooms.
Estimated Cost per semester 2018-19: $4,519 per student

2-person private suite with living room, dining space, kitchenette, and bathroom
Estimated Cost per semester 2018-19: $5,089 per student

4-person private suite with living room, dining space, kitchenette, and 2 bathrooms
Cost per semester 2018-19: $4,633 per student
Note: F-unites are only available in Lackhove, Kieffer and McCune

If there is a unit type that you cannot be housed within please list it below and explain why this would not be a good fit for you.


Please explain your reasons for being interested in taking part in the Living-Learning Communities you chose above. And provide a preference if you have listed more than one community. 

Have you identified a roommate that you would like to live with?
Yes No
If so please list their name:
Does your roommate plan to participate in the LLC as well? (Please note: If your roommate plans to participate they will also need to fill out this application) Yes No
If you have not found a roommate would you like for us to place you with another student who has expressed interest in the community? Yes No

To confirm the roommate match you and your roommate must enter the MyHousing portal and mutually match each other. This allows us to verify that both roommates have approved the roommate match. We will not be able to place you and your chosen roommate until this occurs.

You will receive an email notifying you of the status of your application within a weeks’ time.

Please review the following information before submitting your finalized application.

The University reserves the right to make room assignments, temporary assignments, and consolidate vacancies by requiring residents to move and reassignments.

Because of the logistical planning, course or meeting scheduling and expense that goes into living-learning communities, following the end of orientation room placements are primarily frozen until the beginning of the semester.

Students with specific housing needs due to documented disabilities must first submit the request to the Office of Housing/Residence Life. Together with the Office of Disability Services, review of the diagnostic documentation determines if the request is reasonable.