Adding New Documents - PDF

Warning: Do not use Word documents unless absolutely necessary. User must have Word to open file and can edit the file. Most files can and should be created as HTML content. PDF is OK for larger or structured documents, but use judiciously.

  • You must go to the Work Area to add new content
  • Browse to folder where you will add the content
  • Click New > DMS Document
  • The Upload Document window opens

Sample one

  • Name your new content (no slashes)
  • Browse to the document you wish to add
  • Publish the document
  • Link content from somewhere in your pages

Updating Existing PDF's

  • Create the PDF and save to your documents or other location
  • Go to the WorkArea, select Content, select Ship, then your folder
  • Select the PDF you wish to update
  • Select edit

Sample two

  • In Browse box -- Browse to the PDF you have saved
    Sample three
  • Publish change