New Tech Fee Projects Funded 2014

Ground Penetrating Radar Software Subscription – GPR-SLICE: SPH                                                           

This software provides students with access to post-field data processing software for Ground Penetrating Radar equipment.  This software allows for 2Dvertical, 2D horizontal and 3D rendering of field acquired data.

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Metabolic Measurement Technology (ParvoMedics TrueOne system): HG101                                     

This instrument is used to determine energy expenditure at rest as well as during exercise. The technology has three components; 1) computer system, 2) monitor which produces digital output, and 3) breathing tube for collection and analysis of O2, CO2 and respiration. This application is especially important to the students in the Exercise Science who study physiological responses to different types of physical activity and sports.  

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Basic Physics Lab Interface Upgrade to PASCO 850 Interfaces: FSC                                                            

The upgrade of 10 existing PASCO 750 interfaces to PASCO 850 interfaces for use in the basic physics laboratories used by all students taking a laboratory-based physics course.   

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NVivo Campus Wide Volume License

This software provides students with access to a qualitative data analysis software program, which offers myriad assistance with the research process.  It can aid the organization with literature reviews, has the capacity to handle more data (10Gb per project), and provides efficient support for coding and analyzing interviews, surveys, field data, even webpages and social media such as Facebook™, Twitter™, and LinkedIn™.  A query feature in NVivo™ allows the researcher to compare respondents according to demographic data as well (gender, age).

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Spartan – Computational Modeling Software: FSC334

This software provides students with exposure to computational chemistry by introducing them to:  molecular modeling, through manipulation of various organic molecules in space in order to explore the various conformations a molecule can assume; electronic structure and the techniques necessary to understand this field of chemistry; a practical application of semi-empirical and ab-initio techniques from the standpoint of quantum mechanics. Spartan also allows for the calculation of potential energy surfaces, which is a key component for understanding the complicated dynamics involved with chemical kinetics, and the calculation of energy levels of molecular orbitals and the visualization of the molecular orbitals.

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Smart Classroom for English& Disability Studies: WRI106                                                               

Smart technology installed in the classroom for visual and audio presentation enhancement for classroom use by students in the English and Disability Studies programs. Includes the ability to tie DVD, Internet, and Computer audio/visual aids together into one management console for presentation of course materials.System includes the presentation unit, a computer, data projector, DVD/VCR and supporting switching equipment.

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