Self Study Committee

The Self Study Committee, co-Chaired by Dr. Tracy Schoolcraft and Dr. Sara Grove, consists of Faculty from all three colleges, Administrators, Staff members, and Students. The committee is broken into six work groups, each of which researched their areas in order to create the Self Study Document.

Strategic Planning:
A Process for Institutional Renewal

Chairperson: Dr. Sara Grove
Co-chair: Lance Bryson
Skeptic: Dr. C. Nielsen Brasher Members:

  • Lance Bryson
  • John Clinton
  • Dr. Peter Gigliotti
  • Dr. George Harpster
  • Mark Pilgrim
  • Dr. David Topper
  • Deborah Yohe

Leadership Transition, Shared Governance, & Institutional Integrity

Chairperson: Dr. Dennis Mathes
Co-chair: Doug Cook
Skeptic: Dr. Curtis Berry

  • Dr. Douglas Cook
  • Dr. Debra Cornelius
  • Dr. Mindy Fawks
  • Eugene Herritt
  • Robin Maun
  • Dr. Donald F. Mayer
  • Joesph Peltzer
  • B. Michael Shaul

Quality Faculty, Quality Programs, & Discipline Specific Accreditation

Chairperson: Dr. Rick Ruth
Co-chair: Kim Long
Skeptic: Dr. Christine Royce

  • Dr. Robert Bartos
  • Dennis Castelli
  • Dr. Debra Cornelius
  • Dr. Sharon Harrow
  • Dr. Stephen Holoviak
  • Dr. Kim Long
  • Dr. Kate McGivney
  • Ray Ryan

Creating a Diverse, Engaging, & Supportive Learning Community

Chairperson: Dr. James Mike
Co-chair: Kim Presser
Skeptic: Melodye Wehrung

  • Laura Beltzner
  • Dr. Jamonn, Campbell
  • Holly Kalbach
  • Dr. David Lovett
  • Dr. Kimberly Presser
  • Dr. Marian Schultz
  • Dr. Thomas Speakman

Innovation, Outreach, & Economic Development

Chairperson: Dr. Thomas Enderlein
Co-chair: Dr. Brendan Finucane
Skeptic: Deborah Jacobs

  • Dr. Deborah Jacobs
  • Dr. Kimberly Bright
  • Timothy Ebersole
  • Dr. Leslie Folmer-Clinton
  • Cathy Mc Henry
  • Colleen McQueeny
  • Dr. Christina Sax
  • Dr. Anthony Winter

Student Learning Development

Chairperson: Dr. Tracy Schoolcraft
Co-chair: Tom Gibbon
Skeptic: Dr. Phillip Diller

  • Dr. Michael Coolsen
  • Sara Ford
  • Debra Gentzler
  • Thomas Gibbon
  • Dr. Roger Serr
  • Maria Weinzierl