Ship Bound: 9 Steps for Confirmed Students

Step 1:
Activate your SU email account.

Step 2:
Sign your housing or commuter agreement
Connect to MyHousing in the MyShip Portal

Step 3:
Take placement testing as needed
Click on “register for placement testing”

Step 4:
Register for Summer Orientation
through the Orientation website.
Click on "check your application status"

Step 5:
Schedule classes at New Student
Orientation. Prepare for scheduling by
reviewing Before Orientation: GPS.

Note: Make sure to check out 'Does This Apply to You' and 'Good Things to Do' at the bottom of this page before orientation.

Step 6:
Get your SU ID photo taken at Orientation.
A valid ID is required to pick up your card.

Step 7:
Complete health forms and meningitis form.

Step 8:
Access and complete AlcoholEDU

Step 9:
Clear your student bill online through your MyShip Portal or 
in the Student Accounts Office: Room 100 in Old Main

GPS Instructions

We hope you’re getting excited about the experience ahead—the beginning of your collegiate journey at Shippensburg University! We realize that you have various educational options, and we are honored that you have selected SHIP. We are committed to creating a responsive learning environment in which you have the greatest potential for success. At SHIP, you will find many people who will help you along the way and many resources that are available to assist you to reach your goals.

Getting off to a good start is a key to your successful journey at SHIP. Your summer Orientation will assist you in starting your journey in the right direction. But, to get the most out of Orientation, you need to come prepared.

A key activity at Orientation will be to register for your first semester courses. The GPS – Getting Prepared for SHIP portal is designed to guide you to helpful information about registering for courses and answer some of the questions that you may have as you prepare to launch your SHIP experience. By reviewing this material in advance, you will come to Orientation prepared to register for courses that are appropriate for your educational and personal goals.

So, please take the time to explore the various components of the portal and to go back and review the items that may be most relevant for you. Please remember that reviewing the GPS does not replace your responsibility to attend Orientation.

Please note: Due to an issue between Mediasite and Internet Explorer, the videos in the GPS are best viewed through Firefox.

Good Things to Do

  • Shippensburg University requires all incoming first-year students to reside in university housing, unless the student is commuting from the home of their parent/guardian. When confirming with Shippensburg, students are required to select one of the two housing options after completing their enrollment confirmation in the MyShip portal.

    1) 2015-2016 New Student Online Agreement - Reside in university housing by signing a housing agreement and paying a $200 deposit

    2) 2015-2016 New Student Commuter/Exemption - Claim an exemption from university housing if permanent address is within 50 miles, age 21 or older, and/or transferring in over 30 credits recognized by the university.

  • You may register your vehicle for a parking decal before coming to campus on move-in day. Don't forget your Ship ID card, driver's license, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance to pick-up your decal.

  • On-campus students must have a campus mailbox.

  • Students should access their myShip portal to become familiar with academic information including policies, dates, deadlines, scheduling, employment, financial aid, bills, and personal info.

  • Students may search out employment opportunities on/off campus

  • Look up required books for classes on the bookstore website.

  • Students should be familiar with campus policies in the Swataney (Student Handbook)

Does This Apply to You?

Important Notices:

Meningitis Vaccine

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