Field Conference

Field Conference Evaluation

Please tell us what days you participated.


Please answer the following questions.

1) Before participating in this field conference, how knowledgeable were you about the topic of sustainability?


2) Before participating in this field conference, were you aware of the dimensions of sustainability?


3) Which of the following definitions of sustainability resonates with you most?


  If you selected "Other" above, please offer a definition that resonates with you more.


4) How much did the field conference influence your working definition of sustainability? 

5) Given the field sites that we visited, and speakers we interacted with, which influenced you the most?

6) Given the field conference, are you motivated to participate in future activities to help the university, or community partners work to become more sustainable?


7) As a result of the field conference, are there field sites or topics that would be useful to help inspire others to practice stewardship activities that help us work toward a more sustainable future?

Given your answer in 7 above, which field site(s) or topics would you suggest would be useful for inspiring others?
8) The field conference was worthwhile and informative in helping me to consider the topic of sustainability from multiple disciplinary perspectives.
 9) Which components of the field conference were particularly informative or thought-provoking for you?


10) Which components of the field conference were not very informative or thought-provoking for you?


11)  What connections, projects, research/teaching ideas, program plans, etc. resulted/developed as a result of discussions whether formal or informal from your participation in this field conference?


12) Is there anything else that you would like to comment here about the field conference or the topic of sustainability?