Planning Documents

Shippensburg University is positioning itself as a leader in quality higher education. In academic year 2017-2018, we established four institutional priorities to guide us as we move forward. They were established after reviewing University history and planning documents as well as my first months on campus in listening to members of the Ship community.  What was evident is the sheer dedication of all to making certain we provide the best experience and education possible for our students. The documents and conversations emphasized the incredible work our faculty, students and staff have been doing for years that so few people know about. I learned how much Shippensburg University wants to be a good neighbor and a vital part of the community, and how highly committed our Ship family is to being the best in all we do. That process set the four priorities: student success, telling our story, community engagement, and quality.

Our leaders have been intentional, through the years, in planning and strategizing our future. So the institutional priorities emphasize, in a more focused way, the fully developed plans included in our University Strategic Plan. Below is the full University Strategic Plan, as well as the other documents that have directed our university in recent years. The Visioning Team Report and the Strategic Enrollment Management Plan have been developed since my arrival; the former for providing university community input for the four institutional priorities.

We will begin the process of developing a new University Strategic Plan in the year 2020 to guide Shippensburg University after the current plan expires in 2021. 

Laurie A. Carter

Shippensburg University Accountability Summaries