Travel Grant Program 


CFEST Travel Grants provide funding to Tenure and Tenure-track faculty for travel to a professional conference to/as (Travel RFP | 2020-21):

  • Present or co-present a paper, poster, or oral presentation with a SU colleague or student
  • Chair a meeting or panel
  • Required by an officer of the organization
  • Mentor of a SU Undergraduate Research Grant recipient

CFEST Grants Administration offers travel grants to reimburse allowable expenses associated with travel to professional meetings. Faculty may apply for multiple travel grants during the fiscal year. However, approved budget items will be reimbursed up to $1000 / faculty member for the fiscal year July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021. If you are planning to travel between May and September, then you must apply for a travel grant by the May deadline. Travel between July 1, 2021 – October 31, 2021 will count towards 2021-22 travel award limits.

Before You Travel

The Center for Faculty Excellence in Scholarship and Teaching awards grants to reimburse allowable expenses associated with travel to professional meetings. Applicants must submit the application at a deadline prior to travel. Proposals are reviewed monthly.

If a travel advance or registration prepayment is requested, then the CFEST Travel Grant Application must be submitted on the monthly deadline at least two-months prior to the month of travel.

Submit your CFEST Travel Grant Application via the Competition Space

  • Access InfoReady, then select CFEST-Travel Grants

Travel Grant Application Process

Submit your completed proposal at least one deadline before your dates of travel. You will need the following items: 

National Officers only: Provide evidence that you hold the office and your attendance is required as part of your officer duties.
International Travel only:
 Foreign Travel Disclosure form required for international travel only and approval from the President as indicated on the SU Travel Request form. 

Reimbursement Rate Resources and Vehicle Information

Need help estimating your budget? Then check out these websites:

 Are you driving to the conference? Then you may want to:

During Travel

  • Collect all original, itemized receipts for all budget items.
  • Engage in professional development activities.

After travel: within 30 days of return


  1. Complete and submit the CFEST Travel Grant Final Report
  2. Complete and sign the Travel Expense Voucher within 30 days of the end of your trip
    • Attach all original receipts:
      • Meals will only be reimbursed at the allowable per diem rate. Meals provided will count toward the per diem rate. (Meal receipts are not required.) 
      • Lodging receipts must show a $0 balance. Telephone calls and internet charges are not reimbursed by CFEST.
      • Registration receipt must show the registration fee was paid. CFEST does not pay for membership fees.
      • Other eligible expense includes: transportation costs (i.e., plane or train ticket), parking (hotel or airport/station), tolls, etc.
    • If a travel advance was received, then receipts must equal or exceed the amount of the advancement. If expenses were less than the advancement, then the traveler will be required to reimburse the University for the difference.
  3. Submit all of the above items to: CJ Ezell | CFEST Office within the Institute for Public Service and Sponsored Programs Office, HH 203

Travel Forms and Final Report:

Before travel:

After Travel: