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If you haven't heard, SU's contract with Blackboard Collaborate ends on 6/30/18. We are switching to a new solution called Zoom. 

If you have recordings in Blackboard Collaborate that you would like to download you MUST do it by 6/30/18. They will be completely inaccessible. You can follow these instructions to download your Collaborate files.


Combining the capabilities of Wimba and Elluminate, Blackboard Collaborate provides a comprehensive learning platform designed specifically for education to deliver a more effective learning experience through online, blended, and mobile learning.

Blackboard Collaborate Overview 

System Requirements:

Click here to view Participant Orientation Video
Click here to find out if your computer has the right Operating System and Java version installed to run Collaborate and to configure your system.        

What you need:

  • A high-speed internet connection (e.g., Cable, DSL)
  • Computer (Windows or Mac)
  • Internet Browser installed (e.g., Firefox, Internet Explorer)
  • Headset (or combination headset with microphone)
  • Microphone
  • Webcam (optional, unless required by the instructor) 

Documents and Resources 

For Instructors:

  • Blackboard Collaborate Support Portal 
  • Getting Started for Presenters ( pdf)
  • Getting Started for Presenters: Quick Reference ( pdf)
  • Getting Started for Moderators Quick Reference Guide ( PDF)
  • Essentials for Moderators ( HMTL)
  • Moderator's Guide ( HTML)
  • Accessibility Guide ( HTML) ( PDF) ( VIDEO)
  • Moderator Tools:
    • Introduction to the Participants Panel ( PDF)
    • Using the Audio & Video Panel ( PDF)
    • Using Chat ( PDF)
    • Audio Setup Wizard ( PDF )
    • Loading a PowerPoint File ( PDF)
    • Using the Whiteboard ( PDF)
    • Introduction to the Whiteboard ( recording)
    • Using the Polling Feature Wizard ( PDF)
    • Using Application Sharing ( PDF)
    • Introduction to Application Sharing ( recording)
    • Using Web Tour ( PDF)
    • Introduction to Web Tour ( recording)
    • Using Telephony ( PDF)
    • Getting Started with Recordings ( PDF )

Top Ten Ways of Using Blackboard Collaborate 
Top Ten Benefits of Using Blackboard Collaborate 

For Students:

  • Participant Orientation Video ( video)
  • Check System Requirements ( HTML)
  • Getting Started for Participants ( word)
  • D2L – Accessing a Collaborate Session ( video)
  • Essentials for Participants ( HTML)
  • Participant's Guide ( HTML)
  • Accessibility Guide ( HTML) ( PDF)
  • Getting Started for Participants Quick Reference Guide ( PDF)
  • Participant Orientation ( recording