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Explore enrollment trends at Shippensburg University.  Learn about who our students are, what they study, and where they are from.

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The Enrollments dashboard is available to all faculty and staff members.  Log in with your Shippensburg account is required to access the report.


This report utilizes student enrollment data collected as part of the State System annual data collection plan (ADCP).  The ADCP student enrollment data is collected by the State System for each of the 14 universities, including Shippensburg, and represents a snapshot of student enrollments on the 15th day of each term.  The report includes fall and spring data that has been collected over the last nine academic years for Shippensburg University, starting with the fall 2012-2013 academic semester up to the fall 2020-2021 semester.

Metrics in the report can be filtered by several student and university attributes.  Available filters include: