Sync E-mail on an Android smartphone

Shippensburg University supports the use of most Android smartphones for sending and receiving university e-mail. In order to set up an Android-based phone with our Exchange mail server, you will need to use the following settings after selecting Exchange or Corporate for the account type.

          Account type:  Corporate (or "Exchange ActiveSync")    
          Email:  Your Ship e-mail address (i.e.
          Password:  Your Ship password
          Mail Server:

Android e-mail setup walk-through

Follow these steps to set up your Ship e-mail account on your Android phone:

**Note that the selections and screenshots below represent an phone running Android 4.4 (KitKat).

  1. From the applications list, tap on Settings and then scroll down to Accounts. 
  2. Choose Add account.
    Android Settings

  3. Select Exchange or Corporate from the list of account types.
    Android Account type

  4. Enter your Ship e-mail address and password in the designated fields. Tap on Next when finished. 
    Android Account details

  5. If applicable, change the sync settings listed.  You can choose how many days/weeks of mail you would like to sync, as well as what types of content to sync.  Choose the options you want and tap on Done when finished.
    Android Sync settings

  6. Your account is now set up.  You can change the name of the account if you like.  Click on Next when done.
    Android Account description

Your account will now synchronize with your Android smartphone, which will take several minutes. Within a few minutes, you should be able to see e-mail messages in your Inbox by opening the E-mail app from the home screen or applications list.