Updates to Outlook on the web coming soon


Outlook Web App login page

Throughout the spring semester, Technology Services will migrate all employee and student mailboxes to new mail servers. This migration will occur automatically, and will not require any action by university students or employees.

After your mailbox is migrated, you will begin seeing the new Outlook on the web experience when logging into your mailbox at https://mail.ship.edu. The new version of Outlook mail is much more streamlined and closely resembles other modern web-based e-mail services.

We have provided the resources below to assist you with the transition.

Web Resources

Using E-mail in Outlook on the web

Calendar, Contacts, etc.


New interface

The screenshot below shows what the new Outlook on the web interface looks like. Click to enlarge.

Outlook Web overview

Changes to navigation

Navigating between your e-mail, calendar, contacts, and tasks is now done by clicking on the "app launcher" button in the top left corner.

Outlook Web app launcher

When you are finished and want to sign out, click on the user tile in the top right, and then click on Sign out.

Outlook Web sign out

Getting Help

If you have questions or need assistance during or after this transition, please contact the Technology Help Desk at 717-477-HELP (x4357) or helpdesk@ship.edu.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • As a university employee, I use the Outlook desktop app on my computer. What will change?
    At this time, the mail server change only impacts logging into your account via a web browser ( https://mail.ship.edu). Although you may see a message in the Outlook desktop app that "your system administrator has made a change that requires you to restart Outlook", your experience in the Outlook app will remain the same.
  • I previously used the "Light" version of Outlook Web App. Is this available after the upgrade?
    Yes, the light version of Outlook on the web is still available. However, this must be enabled in the "Options" menu under your account. When turned on, you will always receive the "light" version of Outlook on the web when logging in, so you won't need to select the option each time like in the past.  To enable the light version, log in to your mailbox via https://mail.ship.edu and click on the Settings menu (gear icon) in the top right.  Then click on Options.  At the Mail options screen, click on General > Light version, and then place a checkmark beside Use the light version of Outlook on the Web.  Click on Save.  You will then need to sign out of your account, close your web browser, and then re-launch Outlook on the web for these changes to take effect. If you don't immediately see the light version, you may also need to clear your browser's cookies and/or cache.
  • Will I still be able to access my e-mail through my mobile device?
    Yes, your e-mail account can still be accessed on your phone or tablet just as before.
  • Can I still use alternative e-mail programs to access my e-mail?
    Yes. If you already use an e-mail application like Windows Mail, Outlook Mail, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, or another e-mail client that utilizes the IMAP or Exchange ActiveSync protocols, these will continue to work just as before.