• Blocks allow for special features to be added on content pages. Page specific blocks are generally located in the the large content area of a page, for example, mastheads, profile lists, explore more, and accordions. Other blocks can be shared across pages, such as, contacts and ancillary left navigations. 

About Blocks

  • Open the asset pane by clicking the folder image65suk.png icon in the top right corner. 
  • Click the “Blocks” tab.
  • Find and select the appropriate folder, or scroll to the bottom of the folders list and click "For This Page" imagemmjpk.png.  
  • To add a block to the selected folder or "For This Page," click on the hamburger menu  icon, then click “New Block.” imagegewhr.png
  • Blocks can be added directly to a page. 
  • Scroll to the bottom content section, and click create a new block. image8dq06.png
  • Select the appropriate block template and name the block. 
  • To add, edit, or delete content in any blocks, click on the icon in the top right corner to switch from all properties to on-page editing  iconimageowlv.png
  • After the edits are complete, Click Publish? Click Publish Changes.

Create and add content to a block

  • In the upper right corner of the block, select the hamburger menu imageqkzb.png icon.
  • Click imagem3dl8.png (edit) from the drop down list. 
  • Click all properties view image1rv0n.png to edit block elements. 
    • Blocks can be moved by dragging them into the content area of pages. 


Editing a block

  • Changes made to a block that is being used in content on the website affect all instances where the block is used. You can edit blocks either directly from the content area where it is being used, or from the Blocks tab in the assets pane.
  • Select the appropriate block for editing. Next, select edit in the context menu. 
  • Depending on the type of block, change the content as appropriate.
    • To rename the block, use the all properties image1rv0n.pngediting view. 
  • Click Publish? Click Publish Changes.

Using blocks in content


Blocks can only be added to content areas that support blocks.

  • In edit view, select the desired block in the assets pane, and drag it into a content area of a page.
    • A green frame indicates where it is possible to add blocks on the page.
    • Several blocks can be added to the same area.
  • Drag the block above or beneath an existing block, and drop it when the separator appears.
    • The blocks can be rearranged later.
    • Ship page templates are set up to allow specific blocks. Some block types can only be added to high profile pages.
    •  In page content area, blocks can be selected or edited.

Move or remove block

  • Select All Properties Mode. image1rv0n.png
  • Scroll to where the block is located.
  • Click the hamburger menu next to the block title.
  • Click Remove from the drop down list. image7yfzb.png 
    • Removed features remain in the blocks For This Page. They can be dragged into the features.

Block types