AIM Workshops

The Study Skills Workshop series consists of online presentations designed to help students develop the basic skills they need to succeed in college. These workshops can benefit students in any discipline, at any point in their college or professional careers.

Workshops can be accessed by clicking the links below. Please note that these presentations are meant to give students an introduction to particular study skills but do not include all there is to know on these subjects.

For more information, please access our additional study skills handouts and resources through the AIM website, or make an appointment with a Learning Specialist by calling 717-477-1420.


Note-Taking- Building upon the comprehensive reading workshop, students will distinguish note-taking methods, such as the Cornell or Graphic Organizer methods, that are most valuable for their particular learning styles.

Note-taking from learnings

Avoiding Plagiarism

Avoiding Plagiarism- Students will investigate the various definitions of plagiarism and methods, such as paraphrasing, summarizing, and annotating, by which students can prevent citation and bibliographic mistakes. Plagiarism powerpoint of learningship

Study Skills

Study Skills- Students will explore new memory techniques, including mnemonics and catchphrases, and learning style-specific strategies in order to examine ways to improve current successful and/or unsuccessful skills.

Study skills from learningship

Time Management

Time Management-  Students will identify the reasons behind procrastination or disorganization at the beginning of the semester, as well as ways to promote effective use of time and to balance social, academic, and personal time.

Time management from learningship

Reading Textbooks

Reading Comprehension-  Students will recognize particularly successful strategies for reading comprehension, which they will then be able to put to use in their classes.

Reading textbooks from learningship

Test Taking

Test-Taking - Students will examine study skills and test-taking techniques as proven productive and useful by numerous case studies and statistics. In addition, students will recognize best practices kept by academically successful students.

Taking exams in college de learningship

Stress Management

Stress management presentation online ver from learningship