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Graduate Students

All tutoring appointments will be held via Zoom for Spring 2021.

Consultation Information

You have the option of scheduling a synchronous or asynchronous consultation:

  • Synchronous consultations occur in real-time via ZOOM Video Conferencing. To use this option, you must have internet access and a computer equipped with a microphone and camera. You will also need to send your paper, assignment description, and other relevant information to your consultant AT LEAST 1 hour before your appointment time. Instructions for ZOOM Video Conferencing are available here.
  • Asynchronous consultations do not require you to use ZOOM. As with a synchronous appointment, you will need to send your paper, assignment description, and other relevant information to your consultant AT LEAST 1 hour before your appointment time. Within 24 hours, your consultant will return your draft with written comments and send a screencast video to explain feedback and next steps. 

Schedule A Writing Consultation

Use the platform below to schedule your consultation, but keep in mind the following:

  • If you wish to schedule with a specific consultant, please scroll past the platform below and can click the scheduling link in that consultant's bio.
  • Please limit your consultations to no more than 2 total sessions per week and 1 session per day.
  • If you'd like to request a consultation time that isn't available through the online schedule, please email onlinewriting@ship.edu and we'll do our best to accommodate you.



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The Graduate Writing Consultants

Julie Lieback

B.A Psychology '19, Penn State Scranton

M.S. Clinical Mental Health Counseling '22, Shippensburg University

Hi, my name is Julie Lieback! I have come to Ship to continue my education after receiving my Bachelor of Psychology from Penn State Scranton (Yes, like ‘The Office’).  At Ship, I am enrolled in the M.S. Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program and am a Writing Consultant for the Writing Studio. In my free time, I like to watch Disney Plus with my loving dogs, Brownie and Christopher.

To schedule an appointment with Julie, click here.

Lindsey Walsh

Lindsey Walsh

B.A. History '20, Lock Haven University 

M.P.A.  Public Administration '22, Shippensburg University

Hi! My name is Lindsey Walsh, and I am an MPA student here at Ship. I have a Bachelor of Art in History from Lock Haven University, so I love spending my free time doing historical or political research. When I’m not being a history nerd, I love to hike, hang out with my cat (Pickles), and cheer on my boyfriend at his rugby matches. I look forward to meeting with you!



To schedule an appointment with Lindsey, click here.

Morgan Margerison

Morgan Margerison

B.S. Biopsychology '19, Liberty University

M.A.T. Stem Education '21, Shippensburg University

Hi there! My name is Morgan Margerison. I am attending Ship to pursue an Master of Arts in STEM Education, and I currently teach high school Biology. I have a degree in Biopsychology from Liberty University, where I worked at the Undergraduate Writing Center for four years. In my free time, I love cooking and arranging sola wood flowers. I am thrilled to be a writing consultant again and look forward to assisting you with your paper. I hope to see you soon!



To schedule an appointment with Morgan, click here.