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Worksheets Header

Degree Block

General Education Block

Major and Concentration Block

Minor Block

Free Electives Section

Insufficient Section

In-progress Section

Not Counted Section

Exceptions Section



Course Information


Worksheets Header


The Worksheets Header gives some basic student information.  It includes the Student ID, Name, Degree type, Degree Level (Undergraduate or Graduate), Classification, Major(s), Program(s), College, if applicable Minor(s), and if applicable, Concentration(s).

Students pursuing Dual Degrees will have two degree audits.  Students who are pursuing a Certificate(s) will have two degree audits.  To switch between the audits, click on the degree drop down box and select the other degree type. 

DegreeAudit WS Header Pic 2.png

Worksheet Blocks

Each section in the Worksheets page is called a Block. Each block header will contain a title for the block and will display specific information for that block. Like individual requirements, the block header will state, next to the title, the status of all requirements within the block. Depending on the student’s Degree, Major, Minors, and Concentrations different blocks will display. If the student degree does not require a block (i.e. concentration requirements), then those blocks will not display. Be aware myDegreeWorks uses a Best Fit approach when placing classes into Blocks. As the student progresses through the degree courses may move to fulfill different requirements.

Degree Block

The Degree Block contains the overall program requirements. Within this block, students will find Unmet Conditions which are requirements that must be completed in order to graduate. These Unmet Conditions will no longer be displayed once they have been completed. As the student completes the requirements needed for graduation green checks will appear next to completed blocks. The top of this block displays Credits Required, Credits Applied, Catalog Year, and GPA. 

KEEP IN MIND: The Credits Applied in the block header includes both earned and in-progress credits.  It does not include Insufficient nor Not Counted course(s).

DegreeAudit Deg Block Pic 1.png

General Education Block

The General Education Block contains the General Education Requirements needed for the student’s degree. It is tailored to the student’s specific degree and major.  The block provides the list of approved courses to fulfill the required themes.

NOTE: PK-4, Dual PK-4/Special Ed, and Middle Level majors will not see this block; the general education courses are incorporated into their major block.  Second Degree students will not see this block; as they are only required to complete the prescribed general education courses for the major they are pursuing.

DegreeAudit GenEdBlock Pic 1.png

Major and Concentration Blocks

The Major Block contains all of the major specific and major cognate requirements students are required to fulfill.  Each requirement provides a list of courses that students can take to fulfill the requirement.

DegreeAudit Maj_Conc Block Pic 1.png

Minor Block

The Minor Block contains all of the minor requirements students are required to fulfill.  Each requirement provides a list of courses that students can take to fulfill the requirement.

DegreeAudit Minor Block Pic 1.png

Free Electives Section

Free electives section lists courses that the student has taken that do not fill requirements for general education, major, concentration (if applicable) or minor (if applicable). These courses may be available for use as free electives to complete the degree requirements. It’s important to keep in mind that free electives may vary from student to student within the same major due to the curriculum the student has selected. 

DegreeAudit Free Elec Pic 1.png

Insufficient Section 

Insufficient section lists courses that are withdrawn, incomplete, or repeated. These courses are not counted toward degree requirements.

DegreeAudit Ins Sec Pic 1.png

In-progress Section 

The In-progress section lists classes that the student either is enrolled in currently or registered to take in a future semester. This list can change depending on whether the student decides to add, drop or withdraw from a class.

DegreeAudit InProg Sec Pic 1.png

Not Counted Section

The Not Counted section lists courses that are developmental, exceed the number of credits allowed for a degree, or transfer classes that are not accepted. These courses are not counted toward degree requirements.  

DegreeAudit Not Counted Sec Pic 1.png

Exceptions Section 

The Exceptions Block shows courses that were approved to fulfill a specific requirement.

DegreeAudit Exc Sec Pic 1.png

Students can also view where the exception was applied on the Worksheets page. If there are no classes that fit the exception, the course may be missing from the audit.

DegreeAudit Exc Sec Pic 2.png


The Legend gives students a list of symbols in order to interpret the audit information in a clean and simple format.

DegreeAudit Legend Pic 1.png

CompleteDegreeAudit Legend Comp Pic 2.png

This symbol will appear beside all requirements that have been completed within the audit. This will display the course(s) that fulfilled the requirement, the grade or status, and the term in which the course was taken.

DegreeAudit Legend Comp Pic 1.png

Not CompleteDegreeAudit Legend NComp Pic 1.png

This symbol will appear beside all requirements that have not yet been completed. The row will indicate the course(s) that will be required to complete the requirement.

DegreeAudit Legend NComp Pic 2.png

Complete except for classes in-progress - DegreeAudit Legend Comp Exc Pic 1.png

This symbol appears for requirements that will be complete upon successful completion of in-progress courses. The grade section for the course will display (IP) for the in-progress courses.

DegreeAudit Legend Comp Exc Pic 2.png

Prerequisite - DegreeAudit Legend Prereq Pic 1.png

This symbol appears next to any requirements that have a prerequisite.

DegreeAudit Legend Prereq Pic 2.png

Wildcard - DegreeAudit Legend WCard Pic 1.png

This is the wildcard symbol in myDegreeAudit. 

A subject followed by the @ symbol (i.e. ENG @) indicates any course within the subject area at any level can fulfill the requirement.  A subject followed by a number then the @ symbol (i.e. ENG 2@, 3@) indicates any course in that subject area at the 200 or 300 level can fulfill the requirement.  When @ is used for the subject it indicates any subject, (i.e. @ 2@) indicates from any 200 level course will fulfill the requirement. 

DegreeAudit Legend WCard Pic 2.png

Range - For example, ENG 100:499 indicates student may satisfy a requirement by taking any course between (and including) the given course numbers.

DegreeAudit Legend WCard Pic 3.png


Please be sure to read the Disclaimer.

DegreeAudit Disclaim Pic 1.png

Course Information

Displays course information, including course credits, title, description, prerequisites and general education themes/categories.


To view course information:

1.   Click on the subject/course number of a requirement.

DegreeAudit Course Info Pic 1.png

2.   Once clicked the Course Information window will appear.

DegreeAudit Course Info Pic 2.png