Organizational Development and Leadership, Business Concentration, M.S.

The Organizational Development and Leadership program with a business concentration is designed for students without a business or business-related undergraduate degree. The program is focused on leadership theory, leading change and organizational theory to prepare strong leaders and followers for the complex world.

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What Will I Learn?

This concentration provides you with the opportunity to add business skills and competencies such as accounting, finance, marketing, operations, economics, and information systems to the core leadership and organizational theories provided in the Organizational Development and Leadership required courses.

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Meet Abolfazl Farajnezam

"The syllabus of the program is really interesting due to the fact that it will provide all the firsthand information that a prospective leader might need."

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What are the requirements for this degree?

A minimum 2.75 GPA from your undergraduate experience, a one page goals statement matching your goals to the program's objectives and a resume are required for admission.

In addition to core and concentration courses, you must complete an experiential capstone.


Organizational Development and Leadership, Business Concentration, M.S. Degree Plan

Full-Time (30 Credits)

First Year

Fall Semester: 9 Credits


Spring Semester: 9 Credits


Second Year

Fall Semester: 6 Credits

  • BSN Elective Credits: 2
  • BSN Elective Credits: 2
  • BSN Elective Credits: 2


Spring Semester: 6 Credits

  • BSN Elective Credits: 2
  • BSN Elective Credits: 2
  • BSN Elective Credits: 2

Planning Notes for all students:

  1. 30 total credits required
  2. Students can begin in any semester or term, including, fall, spring, winter or summer.
  3. Students can take elective courses in any semester or term. For list of electives, see program Organizational Development and Leadership, Business Concentration, M.S. 
  4. Students can take core courses in any semester or term.
  5. The above sequence is for illustrative purposes only. Students can tailor their program to their individual needs.

What Types of Careers Could I Get With This Degree?

Alumni of this concentration have careers in these areas and more:

  • For-profit and non-profit settings
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Human resources
  • Consulting
  • Community organizations
  • Voluntary groups

What Kinds of Experiences Could I Have on Campus?

This interdisciplinary program offers a broad social science perspective on the interactions between leaders, followers and social structures. The highlight is an experiential capstone where you will put leadership into practice and gain valuable real world insights.