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Attention: Employers

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Consider a Business Internship Experience

Juniors and seniors (with over 60 credits and in good academic standing) and sophomores (with 45 credits and a 3.0 GPA or better) in the John L. Grove College of Business, who are in good academic standing, are eligible to participate in the Business Internship Program. Interns should acquire an internship that is related to their academic major within a company or organization.  The internship can be taken for 3, 6, or 9 credits.  These credits will be categorized as general or free elective credit that does not apply to your minor or major electives during the academic year or during the summer. An internship is defined as a semester-long, supervised work experience related to a student's major or career goal for which the student earns academic credit. The work experience may be part-time or full-time and may be paid or unpaid.

Internships must be approved by the department chair and internship director. Credit earned through the internship program may only be used as a general or free elective credit that does not apply to your minor or major electives and may not be used as a substitute for major course requirements.

Benefits of internship include applying academic knowledge and skills to on-the-job experiences, communicating and interacting with professionals in the world of work, developing professional self-confidence, clarifying career goals through exposure to a variety of career opportunities, earning money for university and personal expenses, building a network of professional contacts, completing graduation requirements in the form of general or free elective credit that does not apply to your minor or major electives for graduation, and returning to the university with renewed interest and a new perspective on learning.  

Available Internship Opportunities

The most current internship opportunities are approved and distributed by email to eligible students as we receive them from prospective employers.  These emails include the job description which is a brief description of the company, location, job responsibilities, and pay and a set of directions on how to apply for an academic internship for credit.  You need to immediately respond to these opportunities by sending your resume and cover letter to the point of contact on the job description.  We encourage you to have your resume and cover letter reviewed by the Career Development Center before sending.

A majority of students do find their internship opportunities on their own.  Below we have listed ideas on how to locate an internship:

1.  SHIPCareer Connection, our new online job bank and web-based recruiting system is now officially live for students

You can use SHIP Career Connection to:

  • Search for part-time, internship and full-time positions
  • Explore careers
  • Post your resume and other job-related documents
  • Connect with alumni and mentors to gather more information about specific career paths
  • Access the document library for helpful resources to aid you in your job search process
  • Research companies/organizations and positions available
  • Obtain information about upcoming events (job fairs, networking events, workshops, speakers)
  • Select "Favorite" employers and contacts
  • Manage on-campus interviews
  • And more...

To access the system and get started:

If you have questions or need more detailed information, please go to the Ship Career Connection document library (right side of the page) and view the "SHIP Career Connection Student/Alumni User Guide".For more detailed assistance, please contact the Career Development Center at 717-477-1484.  Someone will be able to meet with you and answer your questions.

(College Central is no longer active)  

2. ATTEND CAREER FAIRS AND EXPOS.  They are held on campus and off-campus and are a great way to meet prospective employers that are looking to hire interns. Go to see Upcoming Events at the top of the webpage.  For students that live in the Philadelphia area, please see link: 

3. PARENTS, FAMILY, FRIENDS, AND PROFESSORS:  Don’t forget that you have connections with people that you can use to search for internships.  They may know of some great opportunities or know people they can refer you to.