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New General Education Program

In December 2017, Shippensburg University approved a new General Education Program that takes effect with entering students in Fall 2018. The following are some key documents related to the new program. 

Program and Course Listing

General Education Program

GEC Course Listing 2022 DRAFT

GEC Course Distribution List (Courses approved through October 2020)

GEC Course Distribution List with Titles (Course approved through October 2020)

Key Documents

General Education Program (Approved Dec. 2017)

General Education New Course Discussion Guide - Checklist (February 2019)

General Education @ SHIP: A Handbook for Advisors and Their Students

Program Goal Assessment Data - Sample Forms

Governing documents

New Middle States Standards for Accreditation (pub. 2014, amended 2015, effective Fall 2017)

New PASSHE Student Transfer Policy 1999-01-A (amended Oct. 2016, effective Fall 2017)

New PASSHE General Education Policy 1993-01-A (amended Oct. 2016, effective Fall 2018)

Other Important Documents

Open Faculty Forum, Fall 2015

Download the all-in-one report (2 MB) or, if you prefer, each piece:

  • The needs for program renewal: in 4 arguments (the handout).
  • Notes taken during the face-to-face sessions on Oct. 2 
  • Comments submitted during the online session.
  • Major themes that emerged and responses from the GEC's Program Committee

GEC Approved Reform Process

General Education History and Timeline, abridged

GECC Assessment Subcommittee Report 2010

Middle States Commission Report, 2009-05-29

PASSHE Academic Degrees Directed GenEd Policy 2012-02-20

PASSHE Academic Degrees Policy 1990-10-18-A

SU Academic Master Plan 2013-09-13


Old PASSHE General Education Policy 1993-01 

Old PASSHE Academic Passport Policy 1999-01

Contact the Faculty Co-Chair of GEC, Kirk Moll Phone: 717-477-1473