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Economic Prosperity

Shippensburg University has a regional economic impact of over $270 million annually and is proud to be a strong economic driver in the region. University-community partnerships are collaborative relationships between a university and local community organizations, businesses, government agencies, and other stakeholders. These partnerships aim to leverage the resources, expertise, and knowledge of the university to advance community needs and enhance the educational and social experiences of students.

A key initiative that serves as the foundation of success for Shippensburg University is strengthening and growing collaborative working relationships with the Shippensburg Borough, surrounding townships, businesses, and economic organizations, the local ministerium, the Shippensburg Area School District, and other partner organizations.

By teaming up with local partners, Shippensburg University attracts investments, tourists and cultural events all while training skilled workers for regional jobs. By reinvesting state funds into talent development, the community has earned a solid return on investment and the county continues to grow, further emphasizing Ship's mission toward economic prosperity.