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Center for Career & Workforce Development

About Us

The Center for Career and Workforce Development is the central hub for career readiness and workforce development in Cumberland, Franklin and Perry counties.

It integrates career readiness and workforce development to bridge the gap between education and employment. Through relationships and partnerships with employers across multiple industry sectors, the Center helps employers with talent acquisition or recruitment through the Career Center and talent retention through the Office of Workforce Development.

Its vision is to transform the landscape of our regional and statewide workforce through flexible, relevant, high quality career readiness and workforce development programs that prepare individuals with the durable and technical skills required for jobs today.

Employer Engagement

The Center engages with employers in the following ways:

  • Corporate Partnerships
    Establishes and maintains strategic partnerships with local and national businesses of all sizes and industry sectors to enhance career opportunities for students.
  • Industry Collaborations
    Collaborates with industry leaders to align academic programs with workforce needs.
  • Customized Workforce Solutions
    Develops tailored training and development programs to address specific skill gaps and workforce challenges faced by employers.

Grant Funding

The Center secures and uses grants by

  • Actively pursuing grant opportunities to fund career readiness and workforce development initiatives
  • Utilizing grant funding to develop innovative programs that enhance career preparation and workforce skills
  • Assessing the impact of all programs and continuously improving offerings