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Child Wellness

Founded as a teacher’s college, the core of Shippensburg University's mission has been the education of children.

As the home of one of only three public lab schools in the nation, the faculty at Shippensburg University designs, tests, and develops new educational models, incubates new ideas, and allows young teachers to train in a live classroom environment. Education, early childhood, psychology, sociology, criminal justice, social work, and counseling majors engage in the study of elementary-age children by observing classes from observation booths, tutoring students in core content areas of reading and math, or participating in whole-class activities.

Children have been at the forefront of our work and by contributing to the community in this way, we help make the region not only a great place to live and work, but also to raise a family. It also allows us to impact the students of the future by making sure that they are getting the building blocks they need.

Through the Bartos Child and Family Center, Head Start and Pre-K program, Grace B. Luhrs University Elementary School (GBLUES), and Summer Camps, Shippensburg University is dedicated to enhancing education starting from Pre-K up through higher education.