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Social and Mental Health Services

Shippensburg University has committed to ensuring that our community is a healthy, sustainable place where people can live, work, and grow.

With this in mind, we provide free services to the community, filling needs and breaking down barriers identified in the areas of mental health, social services, and food insecurity.

Growing Edges Community Counseling Clinic fills a need in our community where it has become increasingly challenging to obtain mental health services. All of the practitioners are counseling students that are completing their practicum hours. These students both serve the community and get hands-on experience helping people in different age groups with different abilities and different concerns.

Shippensburg Community Resource Coalition (SCRC) was created because Shippensburg sits on two counties: Franklin and Cumberland. Gaps exist in social services as a result of a lack of clarity for the community which social service is filled by which county. SCRC fills those gaps. 

Similarly, the Campus Farm serves a dual purpose. Students are learning about agriculture and sustainability while providing fresh produce for campus dining services and community members in need.

These programs allow us the opportunity to provide critical social services and mental health services to the community, but they also provide a growing and learning platform for students.