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National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) Report 

In order to compare students at Shippensburg University to other higher education institutions within the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) and to evaluate strengths and weaknesses within Shippensburg University, the NSSE Questionnaire has been given to students on a tri-annual basis. The NSSE Questionnaire is comprised of 85 questions and evaluates student life in higher education institutions. In 2012, data obtained from 8,422 students (4,891 freshmen and 3,531 seniors) were analyzed and organized into the NSSE Report. 

The NSSE Report found the following strengths and weaknesses of Shippensburg University in comparison to other PASSHE institutions:


  • excels at teaching its students to think beyond what is taught in class and synthesize the information from several courses
  • provides students with opportunities to use computer technology in  academic pursuits
  • Seniors are engaging in more culminating experiences, such as capstones, theses, and projects


  • number of students enrolled in real-world experiences for course credit (e.g. internships, practicums, field experiences) has declined at Shippensburg
  • falls below its peers within PASSHE and NSSE regarding the incorporation of theories and ideas from different ethnicities and cultures into class assignments

Read the full NSSE Report!

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