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Moderating Discussions

If a topic requires message approval, when messages are posted they are only visible to users with permission to approve messages. To make these messages visible to all users, they must be manually approved. (Messages posted by users with permission to approve messages are automatically approved.) Message approval can be turned on or off from the Properties tab when creating or editing a Forum or Topic.

If a message is not appropriate for the topic and you do not want to approve it, you can do any of the following:

  • Leave the message unapproved
  • Delete the message

Finding messages that require approval

You can find unapproved messages in the following ways:

  1. On the Discussions List, the number of unapproved messages is displayed beneath the number of posts for each topic. Click the number to jump directly to the unapproved posts.
    Moderating Discussions Forum
  2. To see only topics that contain unapproved messages, select “Unapproved” from the Filter by: option at the top of the page.
    Moderating Discussions List
  3. In the message list inside a topic, unapproved messages are indicated by the Message Requires Approval icon. To see only messages that require approval, select “Unapproved” from the top left of the thread.
    Moderating Discussions Thread

Approving messages

If you are using the Reading Style message list:

  1. Click the Approve link below the message header.
    Moderating Discussions Student

Unapproved a previously approved message

In the Reading Style message list:

  1. Click the context menu (drop-down) beside the message header and select Unapprove.
    Moderating Discussions Unapproved