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Professional Development

The Office of Instructional Design & Technology is committed to supporting faculty professional development, especially as it relates to instructional and educational technologies.

Suite of Online Instruction Courses

Instructional Design & Technology has been working hard to create a suite of courses. They are all related to online instruction. In other words, are you teaching a class online? These courses will help you as you develop your course.

Alternate Course Delivery/Snow Day Kick-Start (OLI-050) - As per the winter policy, in the event of a snow day, you have several options to make up a snow day. One option is make it up online. This Alternate Course Delivery/Snow Day Quick-Start Guide will give you the basics to quickly get course material into D2L Brightspace. If you are a faculty member, then you should be automatically enrolled in the Alternate Course Delivery/Snow Day Quick-Start course. You can find it in your list of courses in D2L Brightspace. It is titled Alternate Course Delivery/Faculty Snow Day Quick-Start Guide - OLI-050.  Contact Instructional Design & Technology ( if you need to be enrolled.

Accessibility for Online Courses (OLI-060) -  This course assists you in making your courses more accessible to those students that have special learning needs. We will teach you the basics of the Universal Design, considerations, and tips and tricks. This is essentially a set of resource materials.  As Faculty you are already enrolled. Just click the link below and log into D2L Brightspace.

To go to the course follow this link.

Online Instruction Certification Course 100 (OLI-100)  - Are you planning to teach online at Shippensburg for the first time? You will learn everything you need to know to have a successful online class. It covers pedagogical strategies, national quality standards, Instructions for using various Brightspace tools, and a student's perspective. This course is required as per Article 42 C.2. of the statewide APSCUF collective bargaining agreement. Contact Instructional Design & Technology to be enrolled.

Copyright for Online Courses (OLI-300) - Copyright laws can be confusing. This course gives you the basics of the laws and tips to know if your material is within copyright laws. As Faculty you are already enrolled. Just click the link below and log into D2L Brightspace.

Follow this link to visit the course.

Copyright Infographic

Below is an infographic that we created to help you navigate copyright law.

Simply answer "yes" or "no" to arrive at an answer as to whether you can use specific content legally.


 Click the image or this link to download the infographic!

Note: This infographic is meant to be a digital solution. It is too large to print.


List of Current Training and Development Opportunities

Please visit this page to access the current and previous versions of the IDT Training and Development Newsletter