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Copyright Overview Course (OLI-075)

screenshot of copyright courseThe Copyright Overview Course is designed to be a quick resource for information related to Copyright in Higher Education. You can learn about Copyright law in general as well as Fair Use, the TEACH Act, Create Commons, and more. The Copyright course is self-paced and is a Just-In-Time (JIT) that will help you answer questions you may have if you need them. 

In addition we have created an infographic which allows you to determine if content you are using is legal to use. You can arrive at this determination by answer a series of If "Yes...Then" decisions. You can find this infographic on the Course Homepage of the Copyright Overview Course.

Copyright Overview (OLI-075) is part of the IDWT suite of "Faculty Fellow" courses. This course was created in collaboration with IDWT and Aaron Dobbs. It is a supplement to the resources that the library has on their website.

All faculty at Shippensburg University have been enrolled in the course. You should see it when you search "Copyright" in the minibar or in the My Courses.