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Media Checklist for Conferences & Outside Presenters

Note to anyone bringing a computer onto campus. In order to access the network and the internet, any computer used on campus must have its Ethernet card address registered with the computer center, or it will not "see" the network. This should be done at least 48 hours in advance by calling the Computer Center at (717) 477-1421. The computer will only see the network in the specific building(s) that it is registered for. Note also that the Computer Center is responsible for activating network jacks situated in any location. Do not assume any jack is live until you have it tested.

  • Room Reservations - See Event Planning
  • All Phone Needs - Contact Greg Day
  • Room Reservations and Sound Support for the CUB - Contact the CUB Director's Office, ext. 1256
  • Other Sound Support - Contact Kevin Oakes, Physical Plant, ext. 1769 or Work Management, ext. 1454
  • Performance Arts Center - Contact Bob Shirk, for sound and lighting

Multimedia Equipment and Key Access to TV/VCR Cabinets

Contact Media Services, ext. 1646/1647.This includes Data Projectors. Presently we have one laptop for faculty use. We do recommend presenters use their own laptops and provide the Ethernet card address and the particular room location to the Computer Center if they are planning to access the internet.

Note: not all locations on campus have access to internet jacks.

All presenters should know how to set their computer so they can make their output jack live to output an external signal to the data projector. Media Services is not a computer training center, although we will always try to assist anyone the best we can.