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Checklist for New Program Proposals



Steps What When Date Completed
1 Notification of Intent to Develop a New Program* At the time the possibility is introduced in internal planning documents  
2 Approval or disapproval of intent One month  
3 Preliminary proposal developed on campus 6-12 months  
4 Complete institutional program approval process    
5 Preliminary proposal received at Chancellor's Office electronically At least 6 months prior to BOG meeting  
6 Evaluation of preliminary proposal sent to campus One month  
7 Final proposal, executive summary, and budget received electronically at Chancellor's Office 12 weeks prior to BOG meeting  
8 Minor programs when no major exists are evaluated and approved by the Office of the Chancellor One month  
8 Major programs proceed to a 30-day hearing by presidents 12 weeks prior to BOG meeting  
9 Preparation for BOG by Office of the Chancellor One month  
10 Review by the BOG Academic Affairs Committee One month prior to BOG meeting  
11 Action by the BOG BOG meeting in October, January, or April  
* Certificate programs have an expedited process that takes about three months  
 Executive Summary Guidelines Budget Guidelines  
  WORD document EXCEL document  
  No special formatting since we clear everything Use the budget sheet on the web-site  
  One space between sentences    
  No more than three pages in 12 font    
  Dates of all campus approvals including department, curriculum committees, university senate, and council of trustees    
  Provost name goes on the document as the responsible person for the program    
Contact The University Curriculum Committee Shippensburg University 1871 Old Main Drive Shippensburg, PA 17257