• Media in Episerver are files that can be an image, a pdf, or other documents. Media is managed from the media library on the Media tab in the assets pane. Here you can create folders and upload media files. Then, media can be dragged and dropped on to the page. 

Upload Media or Locate Media 

  • Images must be uploaded to the Folder icon (Toggle Assets Pane) under Mediafoldericon.PNG


  • To browse for media files, click a folder to expand the folders and content beneath it.
    • To see images specific the current page, scroll down to bottom of the folders to "For This Page".
  • To upload media, either drag and drop the files into the window OR click the + icon to upload the files manually.
    • When uploading, a new folder can be created for the media. 
    • Alternatively, selecting a pre-existing folder for the media is also an option. 

Update Media

IMPORTANT: To update the existing pdfs or images, ensure the new file has the same filename as the existing one and upload into the same Media folder. 

  • Click the appropriate folder for the media.

  • To add media to the folder, either click the + icon in the bottom left corner of the menu OR the hamburger and click “Upload Files.”
  • The folder that is selected will show after For All Sites under upload files. image514zh.png

  • If the file name is correct,  the message "There is one file with the same name, the change will be immediate" will display. Selecting "Replace file" will overwrite it, keeping links intact.
    Replace Media screen